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"Blue Eyes" Volyn region, Volyn pearl necklace - one of the most common informal names Shatskikh lakes. Shatsky Lakes - it is a real wonder of nature, is a unique group of lakes, which consists of more than 30 lakes mainly karst and glacial origin of different sizes. These lakes are part of Shatsky National Park.

Shatsky Lakes - is freshwater with a surprisingly clear and soft water, rich in beneficial to the body. Every year the number of tourists and those wishing to enjoy the splendid beauty of the highlights of Volyn region is greatly increased. This, in turn, affects the active development of the tourism sector. Unfortunately, it is too early to talk about over-developed infrastructure Shatskikh lakes, but still great, but also democratic, rest assured you will be. It has built fine houses, recreation centers and resorts with excellent facilities for a memorable vacation, there are also clubs, bars and discos.

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