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Sharm-El-SheikhSharm-El-Sheikh resorts of EhyptResort Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh

At the southern Sinai Peninsula is located resort of Sharm El Sheikh , which has a reputation Resort Sharm El Sheikhas the most prestigious of the seaside resorts of Egypt. As in other Red Sea resorts, Sharm el Sheikh tourist season is not interrupted ever: sunbathe and swim here all year round, even in the winter months the water temperature does not drop below 20-22 ° C, and air - 23-25 ° C. Naama Bay - the oldest and well-organized part of the Sharm el-Sheikh, a solid chain of hotels in two or three lines. Along the beach of Naama Bay stretches pedestrian street with restaurants, cafes, discos and shops.

Especially high Sharm El Sheikh appreciate snorkellers. Nearby there is a national park of Resort Sharm El SheikhRas Mohammed, which has no equal in the Northern Hemisphere by the number and quality of coral and marine flora and fauna. You can say that the entire tourism industry here is subject to a great satisfaction - Diving: shops littered with special equipment, sports clothing and various accessories for the professional and novice divers. For those who are not keen on scuba diving in Sharm El Sheikh are many other attractions: tennis courts, jacuzzi, gym and mini-golf clubs, horse racing and windsurfing, parachutes, jet skis and more. Young people are especially popular breathtaking jeep safari through the desert. Nightlife is famous for its discos, night clubs, casinos and entertainment concepts. In the evenings all the restaurants, cafes and bars packed to capacity, and you can hear many interesting stories about the underwater adventures.

What to see

Within the Sharm el-Sheikh are two national parks: Nabq and the world-famous Ras Mohammed. In Nabq (30 km from the airport of Sharm el-Sheikh), most tourists get on a boat from the sea, the road there can enter only at the four-wheel drive car. Login - 5 USD plus 5 USD per car.

Ras Mohammed (25 km from Sharm el-Sheikh) occupies the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. Here, in addition to the fantastic marine life (barracuda, sea turtles and sea snakes) can be found and rare terrestrial inhabitants: Chanterelle Fenech, herons, birds of prey. Before 14:00-15:00 park is full of tour Resort Sharm El Sheikhgroups. Inspection of the territory usually begins with the main beach, then - a salt lake, mangroves, and beach viewing platform next to her. Entrance - 10 USD, including 5 USD - for the car.

Popular Tours

  • Excursion to Mount Moses ~ 40/20 USD (adult / child)
  •  visit to the Monastery of St. Catherine ~ 35/20 USD,
  •  "Colored Canyon Nuweiba» ~ 50/20 USD,
  •  Grand Safaris »~ 55/25 USD,
  • Reserve Abu Galum »~ 60/45 USD,
  •  nature reserve of Ras Mohammed »~ 40/20 USD,
  •  coral islands ~ 35/25 USD,
  •  Diving ~ 50 USD (one dive),
  • glass bottom boat ~ 15/10 USD,Sharm El Sheikh best Coral reefs
  • bathyscaphe ~ 45/25 USD,
  • Dolphinarium ~ 25/15 USD,
  • Fishing ~ 55/30 USD,
  •  trip to Cairo (1 day, bus) ~ 65/35 USD,
  •  trip to Cairo (1 day, aircraft) ~ 220/150 USD,
  • Cairo - Alexandria (2 days) ~ 150/100 USD,
  • Luxor (aircraft) ~ 220/150 USD,
  • "Moto-Safari" ~ 25 USD,
  • Jeep safari »~ 30/20 USD,
  • show "A Thousand and One Nights» ~ 20/10 USD,
  •  boat trip ~ 35/20 USD, on a yacht ~ 45/25 USD.
  • Jerusalem (on the day, by bus) ~ 220/220 USD,
  •  Jerusalem (in two days by bus) ~ 330/330 USD,
  •  Peter (on the day, a plane) ~ 335/335 USD,
  •  Peter (on the day, the ferry) ~ 235/210 USD.