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Traveling to different countries and cities we always meet a lot of interesting places, monuments of architecture, history or art of different styles and different periods of time. Each of these places or monuments retains its unique history, which is inextricably linked with the fate of certain people. One of such interesting and attractive places in Poltava is the Peasant Bank, which is located at the address: Oktyabrskaya Street 39. This is a very pretty building; its architectural style is very reminiscent of a fairytale house. In this "fairy-tale" the house today is the Management of the security service of Ukraine in Poltava region. Within the walls of this beautiful and pretty house, unfortunately, was very sad and tragic event.Peasant Bank in Poltava

On the place of the Peasant Bank in 1900 was a small house, which was owned by Peter Pavlovich Staritsky, native Poltava, default, who has long worked on Caucasian railway, and in 1871 he resigned. After that Staritsky moved to Poltava and began to work here by the Chairman of the Zemstvo County government.

In 1852 from the city of Romny in Poltava was transferred huge Elias fair. From that time began a new page in the history of Poltava, which quickly turned into a huge shopping center with the rapid development of economy and construction.All these events contributed to the creation and opening of banking and credit institutions. In the same 1852 in Poltava was opened the first Bank of the Kharkiv branch of the commercial Bank, which served the fair. By 1900, in Poltava already opened six major credit agencies: the mutual credit Society, Poltava land Bank, a branch of the Peasant Bank, Kremenchug branch of a Commercial Bank, State Bank branch, and a branch of the Noble State Bank. The opening of each new institution required the construction of a new home!

Peasant Bank in PoltavaUntil today in Poltava preserved one of these buildings, namely Peasant Noble Bank,which was built on the site of the house of Peter Pavlovich Staritsky in 1909 by the renowned architect of the time from Kiev A. Kobelev, the author of the architectural project of the banking houses of the capital, which today is the national Bank of Ukraine.

Peasant Bank is a real architectural decoration of Poltava.Peasant Bank is a two-storey building to building which used decorative red brick. Building on their architectural style consistent with the General principles of the art Nouveau style, which prevailed in the early twentieth century, as well as elements of ancient architecture. The facade of the Peasant Bank is decorated with mosaics and colored inserts made of ceramic. Above the main entrance to the Bank is arched porch, in the niches which hid the bird Phoenix, which for a long time are symbols of rebirth.

The first head of the Peasant Noble Bank was the Flower Dmitry Konstantinovich, who studied at the St. Petersburg cadet corps. With the advent of Soviet power began not happy page in the history of the building of the Peasant Bank in Poltava immediately in the Bank's premises is punitive organs of the Cheka. Peasant Bank in Poltava27 September 1937 was created Poltava region, and simultaneously was formed regional Directorate of the KGB. In the cellars of the Peasant Bank has long maintained a gold Fund and many of the values, and after the revolution, began to "hide" the best human Fund Poltava region. The Bolsheviks carried out a brutal political terror against its own people since the seizure of power. At this time within the walls of country house ill-Bolshevik methods was destroyed by the intelligentsia of Poltava: writers, Kovalenko, P. Kapalicarsi, professor Sheputyev, rectors of Agricultural and Construction of Institutions :Serdiuk, and S Manica, as well as many other outstanding and talented political, scientific and cultural figures.

During the great Patriotic war the building of the Peasant Bank, the Nazis used it as their headquarters.

After Ukraine's independence in the walls of the Peasant Bank is the management of the security service of Ukraine in Poltava region, the main task of which is to combat smuggling, illegal currency transactions, distribution of narcotics, intelligence and subversive activities of foreign intelligence services, identifying the region of organized criminal groups.

What is a short story about the sad history of the Peasant Bank in Poltava, which is very beautiful, fabulously puppet building. This story proves to us that we should not judge everything by appearance alone. Because beautiful shell are often hiding a dark sense.

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