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Let’s continue our brief insight into the sights of Odessa region. This time we will tell you about perhaps not as well-known but rather interesting and beautiful place in Kominternovskiy district of Odessa region - the village of Petrovka.Petrovskoye Estate

This village was founded in the second half of the XVIII century. At that time it was called Kurisovo-Pokrovskoye, in 1921 it was renamed to Petrovskoye, and in 1937 - to Petrovka. Petrovka village is located not far from Tigulskiy estuary.

So, what brings significance to this village? One of the cultural monuments having national importance is situated here. It is the estate of Lieutenant-Colonel Ivan Onufrievich Kuris who was an associate of Suvorov. Lieutenant-colonel Kuris received Petrovskoye estate as a reward for successful operations in the battle. Ivan Kuris gave a new name to his estate - Pokrovskoye, in honor of the first Orthodox Church built on the lands previously belonging to the Turks.

Since 1810, lieutenant-colonel Kuris began active construction of his own palace with an interesting and unique architectural style that more resembles buildings of the Middle Ages. Elements of Moorish architecture and Gothic were harmoniously united in decorative finery of Kuris palace.

Kuris palace was erected in two stages: the first stage (from 1810 to 1820.) its eastern part was built under the guidance of an unknown architect, and western part of the palace was constructed in the second stage - from 1891 to 1892. This time, the construction process was led by Odessa architect N.K. Tolvinskiy. The building is shaped extending from the eastern to the western side. Externally it is made of shell stone.Petrovskoye Estate

Kuris palace has a very complex and diverse designas it consists of two-and three-storey parts of different configurations: a stretched up octagonal tower that resembles a minaret and topped with pinched onion-shaped dome; a round tower having a conical ending and a vane; several small terraces; large terraces with the tab in the semicircular shape which you can climb from both sides up the semicircular stairs. Windows of the palace also have different shapes: rectangular, flattened, and keeled. Corners of the building were facetted and capped with pinnacles, and the walls are finished with crenellations in the shape of a trefoil. There is a large great hall in the new part of the palace which has no windows and only the ceiling light. This hall is decorated with alfrey paintings and pilasters with capitals of the simplified Corinthian order. Utility building is made of stone in a cross shape. It is completely covered with a tiled roof. There are huge drives in the form of an arch at each end of the building. They are framed with platbands.

In general, Kuris Palace is considered to be one of the first buildings of architectural romanticism on the territory of Ukraine.

Household building, fragments of the park and palace – that’s all that survived till nowadays from the former beauty and grandeur of the Kuris estate.

Petrovskoye EstateThere are a lot of events in the history of this estate that have caused his damage. At first it was a plunder that occurred after the revolution. At that time even remains of the former owners of this estate were thrown out of the family crypt and scattered across the field. An agricultural school was opened in the estate.

During the Second World War a Romanian commandant’s office was established on the place of the school. If after the revolution the Bolsheviks hadn’t robbed everything in the manor of Kuris, Romanian troops did not hesitate to bring parquet flooring out of the estate, oak doors and antique mirrors. They also cut down a well-kept park of Kurises, made in the English style. However, after the war, estate restoration works were performed in Petrovskoye.

It was planned to have the next restoration of Kuris estate, but it was not fated to happen - a violent thunderstorm began at one summer night, during which the manor was struck by lightning. A huge fire broke out, and in the morning almost all the estate burned to the ground.

However, despite the fact that after this incident and to this day restoration works haven’t begun, the preserved part of the estate still surprises a lot of tourists with its grandeur and beauty.

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