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: Rotunda "Star fall of Memories".

Star fall of memories… This is a wonderful place on the coast of Crimea visited by everyone who is in love with Koktebel at least a bit, in love with its mysterious and eternal atmosphere of freedom and holiday…
On the top of Koklyuk mountain, located not far from Otvazhnoye village, a three-column rotunda is showing off. A small garden house was built on this mountain in 1956 in order to provide tourists with a chance to admire unforgettable beauty of local landscape. This summerhouse is a cusp-shaped colonnade having about 4-meter height. It has three columns. The first name of the rotunda was “Summerhouse of Winds”, and after reconstruction in 1998 it was renamed into «Star fall of memories». You can read this inscription above the columns.

Rotunda’s name is connected with the fact that at the bottom of Uzun -Syrt mountain which can be observed from the site, Higher flight glider school was located. This is where such famous pilots, glider pilots and aircraft designers as Sergey Korolyov, Sergey Ilyushin, Margarita Ratsenskaya, Olga Klepikova and many others started their tough way to the stars. Nowadays, there is a Soaring and Gliding Centre “Koktebel” located in the place of this school. In warm season, flights are organized all the time. You will hardly reach the top of the mountain when you see a silver sailplane and probably not the only one… This area is a cradle of national air-gliding that became a launching platform for a number of height-lovers starting from 1923. Sailplane in the sky catches not only streams of fresh air but seething waves of history as well.

Wonderful panorama of mountainous area around Koktebel is opened from rotunda «Star fall of memories». In spring Koklyuk mountain often called «blue eye», is covered with canvas of beautiful flowers and air is filled with steppe fragrance of wormwood and wormwood. Western slope of the mountain is rocky and steep, and southern one turned into incredible figures of limestone in process of air slake. Northern slope of the mountain is gentler and covered with typical for Crimes low forest cover. In soft light of a warm evening or morning Barakolskaya valley is clearly seen from the top of Koklyuk mountain as if it were right under the mountain, solonchak lake Barakol is located in the middle of this valley. In summer this lake dries considerably and gets covered with puffed solonchak, in rainy years a shallow salty lake is formed here. Barakol Lake remains a mystery for geologists till nowadays, as far as its origin is incomprehensible: no streaming waters have ever been ever active in this place, no river has ever fllown here.
From the southern side from Barakolskaya you can already see Ameretskaya valley stretching from the west to the east to the sea and fairly leading to the Dead Bay. A chain of Karadag Mountain is observed behind it: Devil’s Finger, Legenle, Kok-Kaya, Saint, Ikilmak-Kaya and two-topped Balalali-Kaya. You can watch the scenery of this area endlessly…Black volcano located at the footing of Kimmeriy, raving colours of forests and mountains, the expanse of close sea, three-humped silhouette of Echki-Dag impress with their unforgettable beauty deeply and for long.

Rotunda «Star fall of memories» has a little legend: if two lovers knit a lace on the tree growing next to rotunda, their love will last forever. Benches of this tree are decorated with laces of various colors. Some sources state that Sergey Korovyov proposed to his future wife while walking near the rotunda in 1931.

Those, who visited this place at least once, catch themselves thinking that they don’t want to leave this place. The reason is that no picture, no photo can relate that special awe, delight and surprise of fascinating views you’ve seen….only memories remain….The thrilling star fall of memories is kept in your memory for years.

By Marina Melnichenko

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