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Pusha-Vodytsya is one of the favorite holiday destinations not only among Kyiv, but for many guests of Ukrainian capital. This is facilitated by the particular combination of climatic factors: a mild, warm climate and healthy air coniferous forests.

Pusha-Vodytsya at one time been a source of inspiration for many famous people. Here were seen Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Leo Tolstoy, Nikolai Gogol. At the initiative of Physicians F.G. Yanovsky, and G. R. Rubinstein first resort was built here.

The poetic name of this wonderful corner of nature is derived from the word "wilderness" (deaf impenetrable forest that grew up in this area in ancient times) and "Vodytsya" (the name of a small stream, which today has turned into a source stream). First of it is mentioned in chronicles in the episodes of the 1109-1010 as a place for princely hunting. Peter the First in his time did not remain indifferent to the slender Tower forest and decided to set this ship grove.

The first country in the Forest-Vodice were built in the years 1895-1900, after the Belgian stock company here was built tram line. Beautiful wood and clean fresh air is gradually transformed Pushcha-Vodice is not only a place of rest, but also climatic health resort, which was crucial for the treatment of serious lung diseases.

Pusha-Vodytsya is Ukraine's largest urban forest park and covers 750 hectares used for sanatorium-resort treatment and recreation. The resort across the two source rivers that originate far away in the woods on both sides of it and form a lake and pond with sandy beaches, very comfortable for swimming.

Numerous forest glade create excellent air ventilation, so there is almost never the heat, even at high temperatures of July. Healing air saturated with ozone and oxygen, improves the cardiovascular system, strengthens muscles, improves the nervous system, stabilizes sleep. This air makes a partial change in the composition of blood. Lovely abundant flow rates in summer combined use of sun and air baths with bathing.

Forests Forest-Vodice beautiful throughout the year. Early Spring singing happy hearing the first finches and starlings that make the forest becomes alive again. The majestic sound of pine trees really calms, infusing vigor and in human health.

by Ostap Ukrainetz