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About United Arab Emirates

      Official name - United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Al-Imarat al-Arabiyah al-Muttahidah (Emirate Al-Arabia Al-Muttahida).

Political System - the highest authority - the High Council of King, which elects the president from among the monarchs of the UAE emirates that make up the federation, for 5 years.

Geographical - country located in the eastern Arabian Peninsula, near the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Oman. It borders with the Sultanate of Oman (the common border - 410 km), Saudi Arabia (457 km).

Area - 82.9 thousand square kilometers. km (114 in the world).

UAE - federation consisting of 7 emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Kayvayn and Al Fujairah.

Population - 4.8 millions people.

Capital - Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi) - about 1,5
millions inhabitants.

Official language - Arabic.

Religion - Islam Sunni movement.

Public holiday - December 2 - Day of state formation (1971).

UAE national flag - composed of four colors.
The red color symbolizes the courage of the Arab people, black - the country's main wealth - oil, white - endless desert sands, and green - Islam - the state religion of the country.

      Currency - Dirham = 100 filsam.

Membership in international organizations - UN, WTO, the League of Arab States (LAS), IBRD, IMF, OPEC, MFChHiChP.

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