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Of all the significant and famous places of interest in Kyiw one of the most noticeable is Postal Square. Tourists are turning their attention to it almost in first turn.

Postal Square is one of the oldest ones in Kiev. It lies between Borychev and Vladimir descents, Sahaidachny street and highway Embankments. The origins Postal area has since ancient times, when there arose financial life. Area of Postal Square began to be occupied as early as the 4th century, but then it had another name. Actually, in those days it was ordinary trade settlement, and not part of a larger city. Name of the area associated with the postal station, which was built in the mid 19th century. To complete the station were the main postal building, which, incidentally, survived to our time, coach lines, stables, hotel and telegraph wing. The main postal building - a monument of architecture that boulevard built in Classicist style. He, in fact, is the most recognizable building on the square

At the Postal Square, at the Sagaidachny street is located Xmas Church. It was erected by architect A.I. Melensky in 1810. Church is famous because of the remains of Taras Shevchenko which were laing there, when he was brought from St. Petersburg to Kaniv. Near the church lived internationally renowned composer A.L. Vedel. Throughout its existence, the Church of the Xmas has undergone a very great change. She repeatedly restored, the renewed church was reopened in 2004.

At the Postal Square is a monument to the sailors of Dnieper Flotilla and the Kiev tram (actually, hence the movement of the former began when there is only one branch). And in the years 1977-1979 by the square continued construction of pedestrian bridge, which serves as a kind of overpass for pedestrians and perhaps the only way to Truhanov Island - on the too busy street. Also on the square there is River Tram Station. In 1902 at the Postal Square began construction of the Kiev funicular - which today is part of the transport system of the city of Kyiv.

Despite the fact that the post area is fully reconstructed in the reconstruction of infrastructure hem, life abounds in it all as well as in the old days.

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