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As is known to all, Ukraine is very rich in museums. One of the oldest and most interesting museums in our country is the Poltava museum of local lore, which is located in Poltava address: the Street of the Constitution, 2.

Museum of Regional Studies of Poltava

The history of the Poltava museum of local lore began in 1891. The initiator of its creation was Professor C. Dokuchaev, who wanted to open a museum of history and nature of Poltava province.

The Poltava museum of local lore is located in a building that previously belonged to the Zemstvo Poltava province. This building was built in 1903-1908. On the development of the construction project of the local government worked for several architects. The first draft was prepared by the architect Alexander Shirshov. According to his project the light was supposed to be a structure in the style of native French Renaissance. However, the construction committee of Poltava city council, after consideration of this project, decided that the new building of the local government should be more modern, and its style should be the elements of the new trends of Ukrainian architecture. After that decision on creation of the project of construction of this building worked another architect Vasily Grigoryevich Krichevsky. His work, executed in the style of Ukrainian modernism, the Commission approved, decided on the construction of the building, Krichevsky.Museum of Regional Studies of Poltava

So, in 1908, held the Grand opening of the new building of the local government Poltava province, which recognized the real architectural masterpiece in the style of Ukrainian modernism.Very often this structure is called the flower in stone, because its architecture is harmoniously connected with ancient Ukrainian ornaments, traditional folk architecture and modern innovative design forms. The facade of the building is lined with grey and pink granite stone and ceramic tiles. The outer walls are decorated with the coats of arms of all county-level cities of Poltava province. Elegant windows of this building are framed in twisted and carved polychrome columns. And the building itself is topped with a mansard roofs, which are covered with glazed tiles. The interior of the house in his style closely connected with appearance. The building's interior is luxurious interiors that are decorated with polychrome ornaments and decorative paintings made by famous Ukrainian artists N. Samokish and S. Vasilkovsky.

Today the building of the Poltava museum of local lore is an important part of the List of architectural monuments of national importance.

Museum of Regional Studies of PoltavaInteresting is the fact that beauty and luxury of this building, which was embodied in such a pronounced Ukrainian style finishes its internal and external decoration, caused great discontent of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, who in 1909 visited Poltava. The style of this building again reminded residents that they are not just part of the Great Russian Empire, and the fact that they are Ukrainians.

The third floor of this building was immediately given for the creation of Poltava natural history museum. Earlier this Museum is housed in three small rooms of the wing, which stood in the courtyard of the old district council.

After all the events of the October revolution in 1917, the new government has donated the entire building. The Museum was renamed the central proletarian. A number of interesting rooms and expositions of the Museum has increased dramatically.

The period of the Great Patriotic war was for the Poltava museum of local lore is also very tragic.German troops organized at the Museum of fire, a lot of exhibits were exported from Ukraine. But very soon after the war the building thanks to the initiative of Poltava architects, builders, engineers, and artists had recovered most of its original form was saved. Only in some of the halls have changed the finish. In 1964 he opened the restored museum.Museum of Regional Studies of Poltava

In the history of the Poltava museum of local lore is also significant in 2005. This year the Museum was winner of the First all-Ukrainian festival "the Museum of the third millennium".


In the early years of the Poltava museum of local lore the main part of his exposition was private collections, which were presented to the Museum by local patrons. First it was the collection of specimens of plants and soil, which were collected on the territory of Ukraine Vasily Dokuchaev.

In 1906 collection of the Poltava museum of local lore has expanded their gifts Ekaterina Nikolaevna Skarzhynska, which brought more than twenty thousand exhibits and four thousand volumes of books.Museum of Regional Studies of Poltava

Before World War II collection the Poltava museum of local lore had more than one hundred eighteen thousand exhibits, after the war there were only thirty-seven thousand.

Today, the exposure of the Poltava museum of local lore has about three hundred thousand objects that represent a unique collection of authentic antiquities and objects that introduce visitors to the Museum of nature, history and culture of the Poltava region. In separate rooms in the Poltava museum of local lore are stored rare exhibits that introduce us to the history of the world. Among them are artifacts belonging to Ancient India, Egypt, Japan and China. Here you can also see the Cossack relics, specimens of antique edged weapons, household items and household items, religious artifacts, valuable numismatic collection, the collection of the old Ukrainian folk embroidery. The best known and most popular exhibit of the Poltava museum of local lore is a huge skeleton of a mammoth.

The Poltava museum of local lore in Poltava is one of the most popular and most visited museums in the city. Every year the number of those wishing to familiarize themselves with its original exhibits, there are about half a million people.

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