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        Poltava is one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine; researchers calculated that it is approximately 1100 years old. It has lived through many events and has many stories to tell. The battle, that is took place in 1709, and had a great influence on the course of Ukranian history, carries the name of this city. In the early 19th century it was a small but culturally rich habitation. At this time Poltava was becoming the spiritual centre of Ukraine, where seminaries were held and it was at this time that The Institute for Noble Maidens and other organizations were established. Outstanding figures in the realms of culture and science lived and worked here: Gogol, Kotlyarevsky, Starytskyi, the mathematician Ostrogradsky, Panas Mirny, Sklifosofsky and others.

        Poltava was the place of birth for a huge number of cultural figures, it is not surprising that the city abounds with museums and monuments dedicated to these famous painters, poets and scholars. You can visit the mansion of Kotlyarevskogo, which now houses a museum; Poltava literary memorial museum of Panasa Mirniy and the Poltava Air and Space Museum of Y.Kondratyuk.

        The people from Poltava revere their history, this will evident at The Museum of the Battle of Poltava. At the historic place of the battlefield from the beginning of the 20th century there is a museum that recounts the events of the battles that took place during the Northern War. Do not miss this opportunity to see the historical and cultural reserve of the Poltava Battlefield, the only museum in Ukraine, included in the International Association of military historic-museums in the world under the auspices of UNESCO.

        And, of course, where if not Poltava, is the best place to tasted real "Poltava vareniki", from local culinary experts!

Author Daria Talan

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