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Landscape alley is one of the most interesting places in Kyiv, which was filled up the list recently. But be that as it may, today it is - a complete city attraction, a favorite vacation spot of Kiev and spectacular walking route for tourists.

Infinity walkway laid in order to give tourists the opportunity to see the division of the Dnieper from the heights of the old town. It is designed as a piece of the complex, which was composed of architectural and historical reserve called "Old Kyiv". Reserve had to cover the ancient and historically important parts of Kyiv. The project also involved the organization of the Archaeological Museum, the construction of the Museum of folk crafts and ancient urban planning, reconstruction of St. Andrew's Descent and organize mountains of Kiev.

Landscape walkway is located on Old Kiev Hill, which once served as the center of ancient Kyiv. X-XIII century influenced the appearance of the area of Kiev defense line structures, and in 1980 the distinction of being the place of the ancient walls has become a new avenue infinity. To get there, we must leave the bustling Big Zhitomir and dive into the stone archway (you can perform, of course, a little promenade to expand the program and walk along the St. Andrew's Descent), then you will find yourself in a completely different world - the world of childhood, fairy tales and violent fantasies.

From Landscape alley eyes are cought with amazing views: the ancient division, the legendary Kyiv mountain (Castle, Uzdyhalnytsya etc. ..). But this is not its only advantage. It settles a lot of amazing animals and fantasy characters, which could lead to the delight of children and even adults only with its appearance. There will be amazing bench as crows, cat and rabbit, whose "cells" are covered with colorful mosaic patterns, colorful angel on huge pillows fountain "love zebras" and "gay elefant" and children's portraits gallery set of mosaics. Along the walls are stretched at full length thirty-meter high amazing cat-centipede. However, the quotes had not forty, but twenty-nine. Although ... who knows ... Everyone can make a mistake in the calculations. So if you suddenly decide to come for a visit to a wonderful cat, be sure to check the veracity of this fact! And, of course, do not forget to get into his gigantic mouth and make there a few funny pictures.

2013 was marked by the fact that in the Landscape alley created a playground with sculptures, which, as the authors and investors, represents the world of "prosperous state" and the "shadow economy". "World" combines a fountain in the shape of the mark rate.

by Ostap Ukrainetz