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Glory Park is very different from the rest of the metropolitan parks. Here you will not find any cafes, attractions, tire and any other entertainment such as these. Vanity and loud cries? Here they do not hear. If you are going to come here, be prepared to see in the park some inherent monumentality, severity, spirituality and feeling light amount. Because, this park is dedicated to the defenders of Kyiv who gave their lives in the heady days of the Second World War.

Full name of one of the most prominent memorial complex capital - Park of Eternal Glory Soldiers WWII. This huge park area was opened in October 1957. Veterans, Kyiv residents and guests can gather here every year to various anniversaries to commemorate the fallen soldiers.

The heart of the park - Obelisk of Glory, which has a height of 27 meters. At the foot of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which has more than 50 years continuously burn the flame of eternal fire. This flame was delivered from Mamaev Hill, which is located on the Battle of Stalingrad and sore on the opening day of the park. By the central avenue of fallen soldiers you can walk to stele on which are 34 memorial plates engraved on them the names of the dead soldiers.

Recently, the park was opened as memorial in memory of the victims of Holodomor of 1932-33: marble stele, a museum and a monument to the girl with the ears, which is a symbol of sacrifice duringterrible famine.

But Glory Park is not only a monument of history, but also a wonderful place to relax. Wide avenues, long ladder and a fantastic panorama - it's hard to miss when there is such an amazing beauty! Fabulous palette of paints Kiev failed to appear in all its glory: the golden domes of Lavra, which combined with green leaves shining in the blue ribbon of the Dnieper, the dazzling blue of the sky. On the left bank the eye is pleased with amazing wicker doll houses, tall buildings and the train station, which seems to be crossing the toy bridge.

Another interesting detail related to the park, a huge number of brides. Sometimes where you can meet so many beautiful ladies in long white dresses. But this is not surprising. Visit to the park has long been a tradition among the capital's just-married. Walking Amenity walkways, they hold hands, photographed amid amazing scenery of Kiev, while others with interest are watching them. Indeed, one can hardly find a better place for panoramic photography of the Ukrainian capital.

by Ostap Ukrainetz