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Motherland is one of the most famous monuments of the capital. It is a symbol of femininity and spiritual strength of Ukrainians. The sculpture is located on the slopes of the Dnieper, so it is visible even from the most distant points of the city. The height of the monument even  exceed the height of the American Statue of Liberty and reaches 62 m to the tip of the sword from the pedestal. If we take into account the height of the pedestal, as a result, it will be 102 meters in the hands of a giant sculpture of a sword length of almost 16 meters and shield weighing 13 tons. At its foot is placed the Museum of the Great Patriotic War.

A peculiar pride of the Ukrainian capital is considered a monument to its founders. Its opening is timed to celebrate the 1500 th anniversary of Kyiv. The composition was made as the boat on which there are figures of Kyi, Scheek and Horeb, and their sister Lybed. The monument is made of wrought copper, and the pedestal - granite. For honeymooners capital has become a tradition to come to the monument and throw it into with flowers. Actually, there is a tradition for the couple to turn back to the monument and throw the bouquet over the head. If it gets into a boat, a couple will be happy in family life.

 One of the most interesting monuments of Kyiv is considered "Hedgehog in the Fog". It was established a few years ago by the capital craftsmen, based on corrupt tree trunk. Hedgehog sitting pensively on high stump and holds the bundle, apparently intending to go on a long journey. Before his eyes is standing a horse - another hero of cartoon "Hedgehog in the Fog", after whom it was created by the eponymous monument. Tourists are very fond of this place and almost always after a meeting with hedgehog left in his bag coin, hoping to see him again.

Monument to cat Panteleimon wonder is one of the most original in Kiev. It is said that earlier in the restaurant next door a cat lived, Pantyusha, which was terribly fond of by not only restaurant owners but many guests. But during the fire he was killed. In memory of him was created a bronze statue of a cat, which today is covered with many legends. According to one of them, Pantyusha was on time to warn visitors of the danger, but he could not escape. Another legend says that a cat bronze - it's actually a monument to Bulgakov’s cat Behemoth, the characters of the novel "Master and Margarita". There is a belief that if you hold a cat by the tail at the same time and in the ear and under the leg put a coin, you can safely make a wish because it will surely come true. But be that as it may, nevertheless, the monument cat still enjoys great success not only among visitors, but also among the townsmen. Those who want to take pictures with Panteleimon is polished to a golden shine cat.

by Ostap Ukrainetz