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Monument FrigateThe first sight that citizens of Kherson will advise you to see is the “Frigate” on the sea front. Monument “Frigate” is the most popular and recognizable sight and symbol of Kherson.

“Frigate” is a widely famous monument to the first shipwrights built in 1972 in honor of the first ships of the Black Sea Fleet. They were a 66-cannon battleship called “Ekaterina’s Glory” and 50-cannon frigate having a pompous name “George the Conqueror”. These ships were released from staples of the Admiralty Shipyard in 1783. Empress Ekaterina II and her Austrian colleague Emperor of Saint Roman Empire Joseph II came to observe the launching of the frigate and the battleship. These were the leaders of great countries after whom the first ships of the Black Sea Fleet were named.

Monument to the first shipwrights is installed on the tall postament and has a shape of a three- master having the height of 15 meters. “Frigate” is made of concrete, copper sheathing and granite. This monument was designed and created by such famous sculptors as I.Belokur, V.Potrebenko, as well as architects I.Sikalo and Y.Tarasov.Monument Frigate

Aside in the lower part of “Frigate’s” postament you will see the image of officers, soldiers and masters who helped to build the first ships of the Black Sea Fleet at the end of the XVIII century. On the other side of the basement, there is a plate with the embossed image of modern Kherson shipbuilders, engineers and workers. Lower part of the postament front is decorated with the inscription: “Here in the year 1783 the first 66-cannon battleship of the Black Sea Fleet “Ekaterina’s Glory” was built”.

Monument to the first shipwrights is one of the first places you should visit in Kherson in order to see with your own eyes how a huge monument “Frigate” eternizes the cradle of the Black Sea Fleet. Moreover,due to its original meaning and compositions, “Frigate” harmoniously combines with modern ships of Kherson seafront.       

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