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Translated from French, “passage” means “pass”. In reality, the world “passage” has five meanings, and one of them is “a corridor with shops on both sides”. Exactly this meaning we will consider further at the example of magnificent Odessa Passage, which is well-known to each citizen of Odessa and many guests as well.

“Passage” Hotel is one of main and the most hospitable places of attraction in wonderful city of dessa. “Passage” is a unique complex, located in the heart of historical part of Odessa and is one of main architectural monuments of the city. Besides all these, it diligently performs its original functions, i.e. it is fascinating and the most beautiful shopping center, s well as luxurious and cozy house for the city guests.

In 1898-1899 due to hard work of a famous architect L.Vlodek, an elegant building of “Passage” Hotel was constructed in the center of Odessa. Till nowadays, his building remains almost unchanged, and just several details the history didn’t manage to save. However, rather soon reconstruction of “Passage” Hotel is planned. Architects are going to restore lost stucco molding and a tower above the building entrance from the side of Preobrazhenskaya street that burnt in 1901. It is also planned to turn the roof of “Passage” Hotel into the best viewing platform of the city without violation of “Passage” original image that will be a wonderful point for observing main sightseeing attractions of Odessa.
Passage has two entrances, each having two statues towering over the building and protecting it. From the side of Deribasovskaya street the statue of Fortune is sitting on the ship, from the side of Preobrazhenskaya there is a statue of Mercury on the steam train.

The Passage appeared on the streets of Odessa due to the tradesman of the first craft union .Y.endelevich, who purchased houses located there and on their place started construction of a huge building that was supposed to become a large-scale shopping and hotel complex. It had been called “Passage of Menedelevich” for a long time. The architect Vlodek managed to construct this building in the shortest period of time. He made the complex so luxurious, elegant, and airy that citizens of Odessa used to say, that the architect had built “a huge cream cake” for the merchant.
Vlodek succeeded to combine the best architectural traditions of the world and unique peculiarities of Odessa original architecture in one building. Passage combines cannons of copious baroque style, plastic modern and graceful classics. This is one of the best architectural constructions, performed in the style of Oddesa eclecticism.
Nowadays, “Passage” Hotel has 137 rooms of various classes. Any guest of the Southern Palmira will be agreeably surprised with a rather democratic accommodation price in such a splendid hotel.
Passage has a peculiarity which is an open glass-roofed atrium. The atrium is an internal light court serving in Passage as a shopping complex. Beauty of front side of the building simply affronts the eye, and interior decoration of its atrium is a true architectural masterpiece, amazing everyone with its luxury, abundance of stucco molding, sculptures. Here you can see antique figures of semi-naked people, involved in various interesting story lines or just obediently performing their duty of atlants supporting the dome, figures of Ukrainians, Russians, Kazaks, Chinese, dragons, fascinating patterns and ornaments, a sea trident, figures of shells, miller's thumbs, reminding about the calm but temperamental Black Sea. ”Passage” atrium is a real sculpture museum.

You can compare beauty of Odessa Passage only with majestic Versailles, as everyone who has visited this wonderful place in Odessa at least once, get an impression that that he has visited a true royal palace.
For all the guests of Odessa, rest in this city is inseparably connected with shopping and hotel complex “Passage”. Even staying in other hotels, they surely rush to see another visiting card of Odessa – Passage.


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