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Crimea is famous for its spa-resorts, delicious wines, architectural monuments, beautiful palace complexes, cultural, historical and art monuments.
Methods of treatment applied in Crimean resorts are unique and give a chance to restore health for those suffering from such serious diseases as diseases of the genitourinary system, neuropathies and diseases of cardiovascular system, diseases of the respiratory system, diseases of locomotor system, diseases of gastro-intestinal tract, gynecological and skin diseases and many others.
Yalta, Alushta, Sudak, Sevastopol are main resort of Crimea.
Here everyone will find rest according to one’s taste.

  Crimean Resort: Alushta

combines romance of the South-Eastern coast and comfort of the Southern Coast of Crimea.
Alushta stretches from the village Parthenit to village Pryvitne. Such health resort areas of the Southern Coast as Parthenit, Krucha and Maly Mayak offer a combination of wonderful beaches and picturesque outskirts, old palaces in parks and interesting activities.
Further, to the East from Alushta there are villages Molorichenske, Rybache,Sonyachnogirske, Pryvitne. They have a number of sandy and shingle beaches, beautiful natural landscapes and plenty of greens.
In Alushta resort neuropathies and diseases of cardiovascular system as well as diseases of the respiratory system and breathing passages of non-tuberculosis character are treated

Crimean Resort: Bahchysaray area

Resort zone of this area includes such villages as Pischane, Beregove, Uhlove located on the Western coast of Crimea. Health-giving institutions of mountain-forest zone also belong to this area. The beach is sandy-shingle. The sea is shallow. Climate is drier than on the Southern coast of Crimea.

Crimean Resort: Yevpatoria

Yevpatoria is a balneological resort that uses healing properties of nature to maximum extend.
There is no other resort so generously gifted by nature with health-giving properties as Evpatoria resort: water of salty lakes, thermal waters and therapeutic muds. Air of Evpatoria is healing. The beach is sandy. The sea is shallow; here sea water gets warm earlier than near the Southern coast of peninsula.
Evpatoria is a perfect place for rest with children.

Crimean Resort: Kerch

Kerch peninsula is located between two seas – the Black and The Azov ones, on the East of Crimea. The peninsula has its peculiar beauty due to surprisingly beautiful small bays located here, cliffs and chaotic conglomerations of stones, steep cliffs with deep niches and rock shelters that impress everyone. The beach is sandy. There are children recreation camps, recreation centers, houses and resorts on the peninsula coast.

Crimean Resort: Mykolaivka

Mykolaivka is a resort village located on the Western coast of Crimea. There are a lot of famous recreation centers and resorts in this village. There exists a well-developed chain of resort service as well. The beach is fine shingle, not wide. The sea is shallow, located at a considerable distance from the shore. On the territory of this area in mountain-forest zone there are functioning health-giving institutions.

Crimean Resort: Razdolensky area

This area is one on the less expensive resort of Crimea. The climate is mild and warm here. Swimming season stars very early – from May, as far as shallow bays get warmed very quickly. The beach is wide and sandy. The area is covered with green vineyards. This area is perfect camping. Having rest is this area with accommodation in resorts and private sector is most attractive for families with children.

Crimean Resort: Saky

Town of Saky is a mud cure seaside resort located on the Western coast of Crimea. Health resorts of Saky and Saky district are located here. This area is a flat land with low sea coast. The beach is wide and sandy. The sea is shallow, at a considerable distance from the coast. Climate here combines sea and steep climates features. The town of Saky is located in 6 km from the sea on the Northern-Eastern coast of salty Sakskoe Lake. The resort is balneological due to miraculous healing mud of unique Sakske Lake, lake water (higly mineralized pickle-water) and mineral water. Spa resorts of Saky are oriented on treating of adults. Diseases of nervous system, bones, joints, gynecological diseases, skin diseases and trauma consequences are treated in Saky.

Crimean Resort: Sevastopol

Sevastopol is a city of sea glory. It is located on the ancient land, where each stone is a part of history. The sea gives peculiar beauty to the city. Here, the sea is everywhere and it doesn’t allow you to forget that you are in a seaside city even for a minute. There are a lot of wide beaches in the city, which are located in different bays of the city.

Crimean Resort: Sudak

Sudak is a modern resort developing year by year. It is a seaside town. Sunny weather prevails in summertime; there are a lot of hot and dry days. Climate and sea are the health-giving factors of this resort. Diseases of the respiratory system of non-tuberculosis type, diseases of cardiovascular and neurological systems are treated here. Beach is wide and made of fine peddle. Sea has sloping sandy bottom. Village Nowiy Svet is located at the distance of 6 km from Sudak. Tourists are attracted by clear sea air, picturesque reserved landscapes and mild climate.

Crimean Resort: Feodosiya

Feodosiya is a place of rare storms and steady sunny weather. Products are comparatively cheap in Feodosiya. This factor attracts more and more tourists year by year. Beach is sandy that stretches along the bay of Feodosiya for 15 km. Feodosiya is rich in health giving climate, mineral waters and therapeutic muds. Diseases of metabolism, diseases of the respiratory system and digestive apparatus are treated here. The village of Koktebel is one of the most popular generally therapeutic resorts, which is located in 20-km distance from Feodosiya. Microclimate of this village is formed under the influence of close semisavanna, warm sea and low mountains. The beaches of Koktebel Bay are formed by sand and fine peddle.

Crimean Resort: The Black Sea Area

The area is located on the territory of Tarkhankut peninsula. Resorts of the Black sea area are located not far from the sea and surrounded with parks. A huge amount of sunshine, climate and increased air ionization influence human body beneficially. Beach is formed by finely crashed shells. Pickle-water and muds of salty lakes located in this area can be used medicinally. The sea in shallow bays gets warmed by the sum very quickly, that’s why swimming season starts here very early, from May.

 Crimean Resort: Yalta

City of Yalta is one of the most interesting and picturesque cities in Crimea. Yalta is a climatic resort. The area is located along the Southern coast of Crimea and stretches from Gurzuf to Foros in the form of a narrow stripe. It includes more than 30 residential areas. Yalta has healing air, charming Mediterranean vegetation and a number of historical places. Yalta’s climate is warm and dry. The way between Yalta and Alupka is almost continuously covered with villages and resorts.
Heath resorts of Yalta are tightly surrounded with mountains and cliffs. The combination of healing air of mountain forests with sea air of the coast is a health giving factor of Yalta, as well as beautiful landscapes
Swimming season is from the end of May to October. The beach is not wide.The Sea is deep right at the shore.

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