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Tour to Park Alexandria|Weekend in Ukraine

Tour to Park Alexandria|Weekend in Ukraine


Imagine you have a wealth. And not just a wealth but really huge amount of money. When you don't even know what else to wish. May be if only a piece of Paradise at hand?.. Properly, why not?..

All you have to do is to select the blessed place and arrange a paradise in it, to gather there hundreds of rare plants from all over the world.

Tour to Park Alexandria|Weekend in Ukraine

As, for example, Ginkgo Biloba, an unique species of tree sometimes called a living fossil, as it's really similar to fossils dating back 270 million years. This native to China tree has nowadays various uses as a food and in traditional medicine. The age of this tree can reach up to 2000 years.

Or Liriodendron tulipifera, sometimes called a tulip tree. Native to eastern North America, this tree has big and very beautiful greenish yellow flowers and leaves resembling lyre shape.

A talented gardener would create real landscape masterpieces like live paintings able to change in the rhythm of a slow walk.

The beauty of nature can be successfully emphasized by small architectural and sculptural park forms like exquisite pagoda with sage and beauty at stairs or perfect antique architectural forms supplemented with the fantasy of prominent architect (Colonnade "Echo", scenic "Ruins").Tour to Park Alexandria|Weekend in Ukraine

Beautiful gods and charming goddesses would welcome visitors on numerous park alleys, noble swans would admire their beauty on the lake mirror, the birds would chant heavenly melodies in trees.

Here, among the natural beauty, complemented by a talented human labor, you breathe easily and quietly with the filling of harmony and integrity.

Tour to Park Alexandria|Weekend in Ukraine

May be it would be better in Paranise.
May be would be an opportunity to check it out.

And who knows may be then would come to memory the magnificence of Olexandria Park.

Alex Pylypchuk
specifically for "Anga Travel"


A day trip by bus from Kyiv
to the Park Alexandria neear Kyiv
can be ordered by