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Okonsk dzherela ManevichahNa in our beautiful planet parallel lightning pace of technological progress and the growing problem of the availability of clean drinking water. Every year, natural sources of drinking water is becoming smaller and smaller. A person who himself is 70% water, you just need during their active household and economic activity takes care of fresh air and crystal-clear water.

Encouraged by the fact that on Earth there are still places where water can retain its pristine purity. One of these valuable places you can find outside the town Okonsk Manevichskogo district, Volyn region. Here, in a small lake, with an area up to approximately 0.5 hectares, beat two incredibly powerful water key. They come out of a three-meter depth and on the surface of the lake formed by two pulsating chashepodobnyh dome. The lake was formed and through many years of work of these two natural water fountains. Every second of these two powerful sources produce about 200 liters of crystal clear water.