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Among all resort towns on the black sea coast there are many places where you can spend unforgettable summer holidays. One of these great places is a resort town of Ochakov, shores of which are washed by the waters of the Black sea and the Dnieper-bug estuary.


Rest in Ochakov in Mykolaiv region - this is a great option saturated and inexpensive holiday by the sea. Especially rest in Ochakov suitable for families with children, because in this city really is no industry, no factories that pollute the environment. Moreover, Ochakov is a small town which has a population of only 17,000 people. Basically the infrastructure of the city is focused on tourism and creating  favorable atmosphere and conditions for a perfect summer vacation.

Ask, what are the advantages of a holiday in Ochakov? And what can make it memorable? First, resting in Ochakov not only from the soul swim in the sea, but also to take the healing mud baths around the city. Secondly, it is very clear beaches, clear, warm and shallow sea, which is very important for families with children. The air in Ochakov saturated iodine fumes seaweed so that it seems it can be eaten with a spoon! Iodized sea air, combined with the aroma of steppe herbs create a unique climate, which provides not only a good rest, but also helps in the improvement of the body.

OchakovToday Ochakov is quite a small resort town, and thumbing through the pages of its history, it becomes strange that it was full of life and, as they say, was on the whole key. All this is because it was a convenient place location Ochakov, which was a trading port and out to sea. From the times of Kievan Rus there were military battles with other nations for the best access to the sea. Just on the territory of today's Ochakov many centuries ago, there was the southern boundary of the Great of Kievan Rus. In the XIII century, this territory was captured by the Mongol-Tatar yoke, after which it became part of the Golden Horde. Later in the day it was built by the Lithuanian Prince huge fortress Dashew. In the XV century on the site of the fortress Dashew Crimean Khan built a fortress “Kara-Kermen" ("Black fortress"). Most likely just the construction works of the Turks in the Black sea and attracted the attention of Cherkasy Cossacks, the leader of which was Bogdan Glinskiy. Almost a year after the completion of the construction of this fortress Cossacks seized her in his arms. After this Ochakov and the surrounding area there were many fights between the Cossacks and Turks, between Russian troops and Turkey. And only in the late eighteenth century after one of the most brilliant battles under the leadership of O. Suvorov, the Russian Empire was able to conquer this piece of territory, which was the southern Outpost. In this battle among the Turks killed more than 5000 soldiers in the Russian army has killed 18 people, and 67 were injured.

The rest of the sea in Ochakov possible in the period from the beginning of May till end of September, so we can safely say that the climate promotes long black euphoria.

In the Soviet period Ochakov was second rate union sanatorium for peasants and workers, and was a "closed" resort city for foreigners. At that time in the summer in Ochakov rested approximately 300 000 people.

In recent years, in Ochakov much has changed. Since tourism is the main direction of the city's infrastructure, there appeared a lot of new comfortable private hotels, guest houses, resorts. They are built on the sea shore. Many lodges and resorts, built in Ochakov much earlier, now reconstructed and renovated to create a more comfortable and improved conditions of rest.Ochakov

Today the number of boarding houses, sanatoriums, resorts, lodges and hotels in Ochakov, there are about 60. They can accommodate approximately 17000 guests at a time.

When choosing a vacation spot in Ochakov, you must remember that here it is divided into two zones:

  1. "Ochakov"- in this recreation area in addition to lodges and hotels, and is the city itself with its infrastructure (shops, clubs, monuments, museums, market and so on);
  2. "Chernomorka"- in this recreation area is located only resorts, health resorts, recreation centers, sanatoriums.

The difference between these recreational areas is that they are at different heights above sea level. So in the "Chernomorka" all the buildings are on the same level with the sea, while in the recreation area "Ochakov" houses are placed at a height of 9-10 meters. Therefore, to reach the sea from the recreation area "Ochakov", vacationers need to overcome the slope, the height of 40-60 meters. And if you are not afraid of the descent-ascent several times a day, then you need to stay in the recreation area "Ochakov", because here the rest will be much more fun. Well, in the "Chernomorets", respectively, you will be have more calm and peaceful rest.

Rest in Ochakov can be supplemented and a lot of fun and inexpensive entertainment: jet skis, roller coasters, skiing, bananas, quad bikes, parachutes and much more. On the main beach is very popular among vacationers sea massage. Additionally, in Ochakov there are a large number of cafes and bars, sports and children's playgrounds. And for those who like nightlife, Ochakov worth a visit such nightclubs as "Pilgrim" and "Ochakov" where popular DJs from the Crimea, Odessa and Nikolayev keeps good time.

Amateur fishermen rest in Ochakov can vary unpretentious and cheap sea fishing on the famous "black bull", which will bring each angler a lot of fun and enjoyment from the activities you love or hobby.

OchakovProbably many travelers know that Ochakov is one of the most popular edges wine on the Black sea. In Ochakov a lot of different varieties of grapes grow that allows local people to make good wine. Table varieties Ochakov wines in the vast number sold on the market, and among wine varieties residents Ochakov do a very good and inexpensive wine. So many vacationers, as the memory about the rest of Ochakov, bring homemade wine.

Ochakov is at a distance of only 60 km from Nikolayev and 135 km from Odessa, so a pleasant holiday by the sea is a sin not to dilute exciting excursions to historical places and attractions of these cities and the surrounding area. Customers can go on archaeological excavations in the ancient city of Olbia, take a stroll on the island of Berezan island or may day, to enjoy diving on the island of Tendra, to visit the sights in Odessa, Deribasovskaya street, Primorsky Boulevard, garden City, Odessa palaces, the Opera house, Moldavanka, Catacombs and more). In Nikolayev and Odessa there are beautiful parks, spend time which will be interesting for both children and adults. Near Ochakov are Tendrivska and Kinburn spit, the latter famous for the fact that here "Suvorov with the Turks fought”. On the Kinburn spit, campers will be able to plunge into the unique world of wild nature, which is preserved almost in its original form, improve your body by bathing in the healing salt lakes and the sea on the Kinburn spit is much cleaner than the famous Crimean and Bulgarian beaches.

A huge number of resorts, resorts, private hotels, lodges and other show that rest in Ochakov can be not only exciting, diverse, memorable, and accessible for families with different financial prosperity. Prices for accommodation in Ochakov an order of magnitude lower than at the famous resorts of the Crimea or Odessa, but there are a number of advantages - it is very warm sea and a neat, clean and spacious beaches, where you can easily find and great company.

How to reach Ochakov?

Access to Ochakov is not difficult. If you go on vacation in Ochakov not on your own vehicle, then you need to come to Nikolayev or Odessa. From Odessa two times a day (morning and evening) from the central bus station and from the importation of buses and buses. From Nikolayev transport to Ochakov walk more often. And in the midst of the tourist season taxis and buses from Nikolayev leave every 30-50 minutes for filling.

We invite you to spend a pleasant summer holiday resort in Ochakov.

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