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Defensive tower CzartoriyskiAnother ancient architectural landmark of Lutsk is Defensive tower of Chartoriysky, located at the address of 29-a, Dragomanova street. Defensive tower of Chartoriysky belongs to the remains of Okolny castle, built in XIV-XV centuries in order to increase defensive capacity of Upper (Lutsk) castle from the western and southern sides. From three sides, namely southern, eastern and western, Okolny castle was protected with a stone wall and four stone towers. A bridge over the water gang led to the castle. The tower got its name in honor of Princes Chartoriyskys, who ruled in Lutsk in XV-XVI centuries.

Defensive tower of Chartoriysky was built from the brick applying limestone matrix and survived till nowadays. It originally used to be square in its architectural form (after renovation in XVII century it became rectangular), three-storey, covered with four-sided tent. Cylindrical domes covered the ground and the first floors. After reconstruction it got bow-shaped embrasures and loopholes that later on were changed into windows. The wall, adjusting the tower, originally ended with battlements-merlons and had battle gallery made of wood. At the moment being, beam apertures are the only thing left.Defensive tower Czartoriyski

Fortification system of Okolny castle also includes a defensive synagogue called “Small Castle” (33, Danila Galitskogo street). From southwestern side it is adjusted by a square five-storied loophole tower.A sport school for children is located here nowadays.

In 1971-1973 special preservation works were performed in order to save Defensive tower of Chartoriysky and wall remains of Okolny castle. For the moment being, the Princes’ Tower adjoins the building of Jesuit monastery, so you can see this architectural monument only from the side of Dragomanova street from the inner yards.     

Author Marina Melnichenko

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