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General information about Slovakia


  • Political and Administrative Office of the Slovak Republic
  • The population of Slovakia
  • The climate and geography of Slovakia
  • Water, caves, flora and fauna of Slovakia
  • A Brief History of Slovakia

Official name: The Slovak Republic

Date of establishment of the Republic:

A form of political control:

Political system:
parliamentary democracy.

The constitutional system:
The constitutional and legislative powers (National Council), executive (the President of the Slovak Republic and the Government), the judiciary (courts and the Constitutional Court).
Administrative divisions:
8 regions, 79 districts, 138 cities, 2,891 municipalities.

The regional city:
Bratislava, Trnava, Nitra, Tren?ín, ?ilina, Banská Bystrica, Prešov, Košice.

Official language:

Bratislava (capital of 428,672 people)

Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria

49,034 km2

Number of people:
5397036 (of which 51.3 % of women )

Population density:

Largest cities:
Kosice (240915), Nitra (87357), Zilina (86685), Banska Bystrica (84 919), Trnava (70191), Martin (60 772), Trencin (58,872) , Poprad (55037) , Zvolen (44328) .

Ethnic groups:
The Slovaks (85.8 %), Hungarians (9.7 %), Roma (1.7%), Czechs (0.8 %), Ukrainians, Russian, German, Polish, and other (2%)

Population by religion:
Roman Catholic (62% ), Protestant (5.9%), Greek Catholics (3.8%), the Christian Reformed Church (1.8%), not the religious part of the population (13.4 %).
Havykami Computer has 63.8 % of the population of the Slovak Republic.

Euro (EUR)

Membership in international organizations:
EU, NATO, UN, OECD, OSCE, Interpol, etc.

The geographical position of Slovakia:
Slovakia has no outlet to the sea and is located almost in the heart of Europe.
Slovak lies at the intersection of major transport and trade routes.
Slovakia borders the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria.
The length of the border, 678 km - with Hungary, 92 km - with Ukraine.
Slovakia is part of the Carpathian region, south of the Carpathians lies Pannonian Basin, which extends along Danube Danube plain in the east extends the eastern lowlands.

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