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New Year in Europe

New Year in Europe

New Year in Europe

         New Year is one of the most beloved and truly memorable holidays that you can remember all year round. And you can make this holiday even more special by organizing a New Year's tour to Europe.

         Above all this is a great opportunity to replace the ordinary evening with truly memorable holiday and a new experience, as well as to discover something original in this magical day. Bulgaria, Italy, Poland - each of these countries can give you an unforgettable joy of New Year's night, a unique and unforgettable.

New Year in Europe         For example, Bulgarians traditionally celebrate the New Year at home, with their loved ones. This fact unites the cultural tradition of this nation with the Ukrainian one Although Bulgaria is an Orthodox country, Christmas is celebrated there in accordance with the Gregorian calendar and so the New Year holiday takes place during their Christmas carols. That is why the singing of Christmas carols can be heard in the country in almost every city and town.

         Bulgaria gives opportunity to celebrate the New Year among the city lights and fun and also near the seaside resorts, which are numerous in this country.

New Year in Bulgaria         Also, New Year in Bulgaria is an opportunity to try banicza, a layer cake with cheese, which is a popular dish in this country.

         In Italy people call New Year as "St. Sylvester dinner" or Capodanno, which can be translated as "head of the year." In contrast to Bulgaria, this holiday is celebrated on the streets, where Italians spend the night at the folk festivals.

         Italians usually drink beer or champagne. On this night, they drink for happiness in the next year and for the past year straight from the bottle, and then traditionally break the bottle on the base of the monument On the Piazza del Popolo, which is a popular area, the open air concerts are held with acrobats and fireworks.

         Many people also tend to leave the city bustle of the holidays and go to the mountains, which are famous in Italy among other things. Ski resorts in Italy are the best opportunity for fans of extreme sports to celebrate New Year as they dream.

New Year in Europe

         While celebrating New Year in Italy you should also remember that restaurants, bars and other similar establishments are closing earlier than usual during holidays.

         And finally when it comes to the New Year in Poland, there is nothing that will decorate this holiday as a famous Cracow Jazz.

         What could be more romantic and exquisite than the New Year among relatives and friends accompanied by the sounds of beautiful music under the night sky, enlightened with the glow of fireworks...?

         In addition, Poland same as Italy may give you a great opportunity to ride on their ski resorts, which are famous throughout the world.

New Year in Europe         New Year can be celebrated in many places, but only Europe will present you the true spirit of this holiday that will stay with you for life.

Author Alexander Uvarov

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