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The Low Tatras The Low Tatras is a picturesque mountain range being a part of the Carpathian Mountains arc. The range is the second biggest mountain chain in Slovakia. This country is famous for its amazing ski resorts, thermal springs and unrivaled caves.

 The Low Tatras are spread on the valley vast of the rivers Hron and Vah, which is the biggest water vein of the country. The highest peaks of this range are hills Chopok, 2024m high, and Dumbier, 2045m above sea level. Area occupied with this range is 170000ha and represent a protected National Park. Here roots of mountains are covered with thick pine-woods with abundance of flora and fauna. There are a lot of state reserves and unique natural places in this area. They include the Dead Bats’ Cave and Brankovsky waterfall.

In winter period the perfect place for any winter sport is the Low Tatras. Slopes of these mountains have very good snow cover, better than the High Tatras, due to their northern orientation. Length of this mountain range reaches 110km. Heights of slopes are less than in the High Tatras. Ski season lasts from the beginning of December till April. That’s why the best conditions for active ski rest both for beginners and for aces are in the region of the Low Tatras. Difference in slope heights is 1000m and length of speed skiing trails is approximately 2500m. A number of modern ski centers are situated at the root of the Low Tatras hills: Vysna Boca, Nizna Boca, Tale, Myto pod Dumbierom, Janska Valley, Chertovitsa, Demanovska Valley, and resorts located in this region, namely Donovaly, Pavcina Lehota, Jasna. All these resort centers have Stations of Mountain Rescue service having the newest equipment. Professionals of the highest level work here. A center of avalanche prevention is located in the area of the Low Tatras in the settlement Jasna.

The Low Tatras Climate in the mountainous region is continental, piedmont regions are characterized with lower temperatures. Average January temperature of air is minus 6 ° and in January it approximates to 16 ° . As to average year temperature of air, on the highlands it’s about 0 ° .

Not so long ago only the elite could afford rest in the mountains with skiing, snowboarding and other entertainments of ski resort. Nowadays, “winter fairy tale in the mountains” is available for people even with modest financial status. Year by year ski resorts of Slovakia are getting more and more popular, in particular in the Low Tatras region. Their main advantages include wonderful conditions, created by nature and higher level of service, and reasonable prices.

Tours in the Low Tatras region, planned down to the smallest details, will give you a chance to enjoy all the gifts and majesty of snowy hills and thick green woods of scenting fir-needles. Local air is the best doctor against all the diseases and ailments.

Resorts of the Low Tatras Region

Not a single generation of skiers and snowboarders state that the best ski resort not only in the Low Tatras region but in the whole Eastern Europe is Jasna, which is situated in Demanovska Valley. It belongs to the best international tourist centers. This resort is located at the root of the northern side of Chopok Mountain. Ski center is located at the height of 900 to 2024m above sea level. Length of ski trails reaches 57 km. Apart from the trails, there is a SNOWPARK here, aimed at professionals as well as at beginners in freestyle. Wonderful conditions are created here for fans of ski running and sky-alpinists. You can experience unforgettable feelings and bright emotions by taking part in such events as snowscoot, kitewing, skifox, snowbik, paragliding and, of course, night skiing.

Ski resort Jasna offers such services as snowboarding school, ski school, kindergarten, maintenance service and rental of ski equipment, sport shops.

Equipment of Jasna ski resort:

  • Funicular – 1pc;
  • Ropeway – 4pcs;
  • Ski lifts – 10pcs;
  • Capacity - 24500 people/hour;

Length of Trails:

  • Difficult – 1800m;
  • Medium – 2000 m;
  • Easy – 2900 m.

Trails classification:

  • Black (difficult) – 5;
  • Red (of medium difficulty) – 7;
  • Blue (easy) – 6.

There are four ski zones if Jasna:

  • 2020 – 1160 meter – Chopok-South – red and black trails, possibility of fat skiing;
  • 2020 – 1230 meter - Chopok-North – mainlyred trails with a pair of black ones;
  • 1450 – 1030 meter – trails from Prehiba to Konsky Hrun, main trails are red;
  • 1430 – 1140 meter – Otupne – blue trails,zone for beginners.

The Low Tatras There is trail #13 is the center of Jasna ski resort which is the trail for beginners. Skiers call this trail “paddling pool”, as new-fangled skiers of snow peaks make here their fists ski steps under intent look of instructors. Having gained some experience, beginners explore more difficult trails, namely 1, 7, 10 and 11which are of medium difficulty. One of the favorite trails among fans of moderate down-hill skiing is trail 5 FIS. On the other hand, extreme lovers are highly expected on the trails 1, 2, 6, 12. True professional will find thrill on the trails 3 and 7. The same trails annually host large-scale national and international winter sports competitions which are included in the calendar of European Cup.

Resort Donovaly is one ofhigh level resorts beloved by snowboarders and skiers. This ski resort is situated close to the village Donovaly. This is the border of mountain ranges Velka Fatra and the Low Tatras. The resort is divided into zones: Nova Hola (difficult trails and slopes for professionals) and Zahradiste (trails for beginners).

There are 17 various ski trails in Donovaly, their total length is 11 kilometers. Trails are situated at the height from 900 to 1360 m, near Nova Hola, whose height is 1370 meters, and Zvolen – 1403 meters. There are also trails for cross-country skiing; their length is from 8670 to 17150 meters. Trails are equipped with special snow canons, so joy of skiing won’t be spoilt even in winter periods with little snow.

Entertainments and Attractions

Ski resort the Low Tatras is a tourist complex with comfortable hotels and service of high level. After an eventful day holiday-makers have a chance to spend some pleasant time while drinking a cup of coffee or mulled wine in the bar or in the hotel restaurant. Night life never ceases here – discos, billiard, saunas, swimming pools, gyms, and other entertainments for any taste. Moreover, instructors and staff speak Russian, so you feel even more comfortable.

The Low Tatras Tour agenda will offer you visiting neighboring cities: Brezno, Liptovsky Mikulas, Banska Bystrica, Stary Smokovec, where you will find lots of unique sights. You will also have a chance to get acquainted with caves of Demanovska valley: Demanovska ice cave, Demanovska cave of freedom, and Vazecka cave. And visiting all these natural masterpieces will cost you only 12 EUR. You will also have a possibility to visit Bojnicky castle which is called “castle of ghosts”. This trip will take 6-7 hours and about 40 EUR. Don’t miss a chance to bathe in the Besenova pool.

On the territory of the Low Tatras, precisely in their eastern part, the mountain of Kralova-Hola is situated (the height reaches 1948 meters above sea level). The mountain received its name due to the fact that it used to be a favorite hunting place of the King Mathias Corvin. There exist a number of legends about this hill, so this mysterious place is really worth visiting.

Jasnawill offer you a wide range of sport entertainments - ice climbing, snow-rafting, paragliding, archery, hunting, fishing, sport flights and even a golf course having 18 holes and area of 60ha.

Fans of hydrotherapeutic procedures are heartily welcomed in aquapark “Tatralandia” and will be pleasantly surprised with its steep slides.

Thermal Park Besenova is situated on the territory of the Low Tatras, on the right bank of the river Vah, in 12 km from the city Ruzomberok. Temperature of thermal springs reaches 36 – 40 °C. They are created on the basis of mineral springs that are located 1980 m deep. The park has 6 swimming poolswith thermal water. These pools are open for visitors all year round.The Low Tatras

A tremendous folklore festival is annually held in the city of Detva. It is considered to be the biggest in Slovakia. Continuation of the festival varies from 3-4 days to a week. Location of the festival is not a random one as Detva is known as Slovakian folklore center.

How to get there

To the Low Tatras, namely to the resorts, you can get in several ways. If you love air travels, your pointer is Poprad-Tatry airport (the highest altiport in Europe). It is situated in 5km from the city of Poprad. Taking taxi or renting a car is the only possible way to get to the city as public transport doesn’t run to the airport. Travel from Poprad fully depends on the resort you’ve chosen.

Another way is to get to Bratislava and take a train to Jasna. The closest train station is Liptovsky Mikulas. The trip will last for 3-4 hours. Ticket price depends on the preferred class and journey time. Approximate price of a second class ticket is 13 EUR. You can get to Ruzomberok resort by a trip of this connection. A second class train ticket from Poprad will cost only 3 EUR.

It takes 14km to get to the resort from Liptovsky Mikulas, so you can take a taxi. You can also go by bus to Jasna resort which will take about half an hour. Jasna is the terminal point, so you won’t miss it.            

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