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Kyiv Church of St. Nicholas is one of the few samples of Gothic architecture in Kiev, and perhaps the only religious building, built in this style. Church was built by the "architect of the whole Kyiv" Vladislav Gorodetsky and designed by S. Valovskoho. The works had been performing for ten years and finally cathedral was put up in 1909. Church of St. Nicholas became the second Kiev Roman Catholic church, worships are held up there up to now.

Construction of the cathedral was associated with certain difficulties – that’s why Gorodetsky decided, according to counsel of engineer A. Strauss, to ignore classical schemes of construction of similar buildings, placing the construction on the concrete pillars and introducing innovative at the time material – ferroconcrete – in structural engineering. According to the traditions of Neo-Gothic, the church was richly decorated with stained glass windows and murals, which were about forty (of which, unfortunately, none survived). Beautiful moldings on the front and inside, able to compete with the best examples of Gothic 16-17 century, made master-sculptor Elio Sala - the most famous colleague of Gorodetsky. Incidentally, that he performed sculpture of Kiev kenasa and house with chimeras. The appearance of church resembles church specimens of German architectural school that fully embodied in the famous Munich cathedrals.

Unfortunately, after the Soviet regime the persecution of the clergy began and the Roman  Catholic community almost completely disappeared. During the war the church was badly damaged but, luckily, it was fully reconstructed. Later, at the end of the 70th at the church was equipped as house of organ and chamber music, and nave of the cathedral was turned into a concert hall. Later the church was returned to its original purpose - Roman Catholic community of Kyiv received historical right to worship in it, however, alternating thir worships with measures of house organ music. The very same building is included in the list of buildings that are not subject to be returned toreligious associations and is state-owned.

Undoubtedly, the Church of St. Nicholas is one of those excursions structures that cause delight of all visitors. It is one of the most beautiful temples of Kyiv and all the Ukraine, part of the "Kyiv of Vladislav Gorodetsky" and just beautiful church that is worth visiting by lovers of architecture, organ music lovers and connoisseurs of all beauty. One doesn’t simply miss the building on Chervonoarmiiska, 77.

by Ostap Ukrainets'