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Unknown Kyiv Castle

       This house has a unique talent, to capture and attract attention bystanders. The building is delight and admiration. Especially it beautiful, if you approached him up the right sidewalk on Shelkovichna street.

       This building, like a medieval castle with Romanesque elements in the decoration of facades, was built by the architect Pavlo Alyoshin in 1911-1913 to order official Mykola Kovalevsky and served his family like a living house. Before the architect faced a difficult task: to put on a small part of the teritory: barn, garage and garden. Therefore, he used even the underground space - on the territory of the court were: the cellar with a glacier and a shed for firewood and charcoal. Faceted tower of the helmet-dome covers the building, and you can immediately see that it is built at an angle of 78 degrees. Pipes for rainwater hidden in the wall, that for visually don't shade facade. On the bas-relief from the street Shovkovychna the images architect in person, he is shown in the image of a cat. On the ground floor halls were located, boudoir, library, billiard room. On the second floor were rooms of household, bedroom, nursery, classroom and small dining room with balcony. On the ground floor - room attendants, boiler and air conditioning chamber. 

And under the dome of the tower in the attic was an orchestra rehearsal, where musicians could descend into the main hall of the internal stairs. The architect used the achievements of all time: the house was with the steam heating and elevator that connects all floors.

       In order Kovalevsky was made a little room, whose interior is imitated coupe railway carriage, in memory of that mansion owner met his wife in the train. This room could still shake like a train on rails.

       Kovalevsky and his family lived in this house until 1918, than they are emigrated.

Author Julia Salyuk 

       See with your own eyes and learn much more about the Kowalewsky house (street Pilipa Orlika, 1/15) - Kyiv unique locking in the Romanesque style, you can visit our  Excursions in Kiev !!!

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