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Netanya and Eilat


Welcome: Netanya and Eilat

Netanya - the town in Israel, the largest resort in the Mediterranean coast of the country. Netanya stretched along the sea and along the beach area than other cities of Israel, even Tel Aviv. Netanya is located near the park Utopia, which is ideal for family leisure.

"Utopia", the ideal world of orchids and nature, located in Kibbutz Bach Hefer Valley, an area of 40,000 sq. meters. Park "Utopia" is a unique botanical / ecological garden of international level, focusing on the cultivation of orchids. The park orchids, rain forest, 20,000 orchids grow dozens of different kinds, some of them very rare.

Waterfalls, pools, fish, birds of different species, as well as tens of thousands of tropical plants (among them, and carnivorous plants) provide an ideal natural environment for the cultivation of orchids.

Not far from Netanya, in Kibbutz Kfar Hes, located farm parrots and pets. On the farm you can admire the parrots of different species, sizes and colors, as well as iguanas, ostriches, peacocks ... You can even ride a pony.


Ever since the legendary meeting of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba Eilat was a special place, a place attracts lovers of sun and having fun, young and just young at heart, alone and whole families. And each of them offered to Eilat and offers many interesting and remarkable. Eilat - a unique city in the Dead Sea. One of the major tourist centers of Israel, Eilat, year-round attracts a huge number of tourists. The city is located on the Red Sea coast, and is very popular scuba diving.
Eilat offers a variety of entertainment for children:

Underwater Observatory - a place of astounding beauty where one can observe the sea floor in its natural state with the most diverse species of fish in huge tanks, and for the lords of expanses of water: the giant tortoises, electric rays and sharks, have established special marine areas. Exhibition of exotic fish of the Amazon.

The only place in Israel, where there is an opportunity for visitors to observe the evolution of dolphins in the wild. Dolphinarium invites visitors to "natural home" of these marine animals. At your disposal are built floating platforms, the observation of the workouts dolphins.

Amusement park KINGS CITY
New in Eilat. Amusement park, subjects which are based on biblical stories. At the park 4 central attraction. Here you can swim in the old boat between the seven caves, each of which represented one or another important event in the life of King Solomon, and you can descend to a depth of 60 meters and see the scenes from the Old Testament. There is a hall of Einstein, which represents the various wonders of physics, there is a 3-D theater with a variety of special effects.

IMAX 3D Cinema
A unique three-dimensional IMAX theater system with 20-meter screen. The building is in the form of a blue pyramid, conveniently situated - in front of the airport, near the central square, just a short walk from the hotel center. In the pyramid room for 300 spectators, with comfortable armchairs, each - with most convenient point of view.

Presentation for the whole family and a half hours of entertainment, humor, extravagant costumes and visual effects, the feast of sounds, colors and movement. Presentation held at the theater in the Isrotel Hotel Isrotel Royal Garden in Eilat.


SCUBA. Eilat is known for this sport. The water here is warm, with good visibility throughout the year. This is an ideal sport for all ages. Introductory course can take anyone, including children older than 7 years.

SNUBA. This kind of underwater sports, in which air cylinders are on a boat and float associated with a special tube. A boat with no stand on the spot, and follows a swimmer all 250 meters from the Dolphinarium along the Coral Reef. The sport is suitable for all, including children over 10 years.

Traveling by boat with glass bottom.

Walk on board Observatory glass bottom through which you can admire the underwater world of the Red Sea. Covershaet yacht sailing along the coast in the vicinity of Eilat, and provides an opportunity to view coral reserve. An unforgettable two-hour journey will reveal the seabed of the Red Sea in its natural form with a myriad of fish.

Cruise on the Gulf of Eilat.
4-hour sea trip. Overview of the Jordanian coast of Saudi Arabia and the border with Egypt. Possibility of swimming in the open sea from a yacht in front of the hotel «Princess».


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