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National Museum of AdjaraThe second capital of Georgia is a great city in which there are a huge number of sites of different periods in the history of the country, different values and different goals create. Among the historical attractions of the Museum type, a special place is occupied by the National Museum of Adjara. It is located in the very center of the city of Batumi address: street Zurab Gorgiladze, 8.

National Museum of Adjara was created not so long ago, just at the end of the twentieth century. On the site of the present National Museum during the Soviet time housed the Museum of the revolution. The building itself was built in 1949; according to the project of the famous Georgian architect K., Javakhishvili.

Today the national Museum of Adjara is one of the most important centers of Georgian culture. For the entire Georgian nation this Museum is a major step in the development of the cultural art of the local people.

After opening at the end of the last century, National art Museum of Adjara Batumi, the event caused a huge explosion of emotions not only among the guests of the city and the country, but among all local residents who were affected by the number and magnificence seen national cultural exhibits.

National Museum of AdjaraNational Museum of AdjaraNational Museum of Adjara

National Museum of Adjara consists of five rooms which tell us about the history and culture of different peoples in different historical periods, which is closely connected with the history and culture of the Georgian people. These halls are: old, Eastern, Western European, Russian and Soviet. In the same Museum the great work of the famous Georgian artists who became famous far beyond the borders of their country: here are the pictures painted by the genius of the artist Georgia Niko Pyromania’s paintings Lado Gudiashvili and many other prominent representatives of Georgian art.

Of particular interest among tourists and visitors to the National Museum of Adjara causes the collection of Russian realists of the twentieth century,in particular the work of painters. Section of ancient Georgian art attracts attention in the first place enamels Hoursago triptych with the Central icon of the Mother of God.

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