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Article: Museum of Water in Kyiv

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excursions in Kyiv, tours to Ukraine

Place of museum:
in Mariinskiy park Kyiv.
Hours of operation:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 10:00 to 17:00
Saturday, Sunday - 10:00 to 18:00
Health days - Monday, Tuesday. Entrance of the latter group - 60 minutes before closing.

Price, enter fee:
25 uah adult and 20 uah child

Though the museum of water and is one of the business cards of Kyiv, it is definitely worth visiting. Especially if you have children 6-10 years old. Located in a very authentic place, it offers all visitors a wonderful and almost unique opportunity to observe the water cycle from A to Z without leaving one building. And now everything in order.

Thus, the first advantage is that the museum is located in the building of the old water tower in the City garden (former Imperial garden), which itself is a remarkable building. Besides the beautiful and unique (there are no similar towers in Kiev) exterior, the museum boasts both exposure specifically adapted for maximum interactive with visitors. If you have heard of the Museum of practical science "Eksperymentrium" , you should know - water museum offers almost the same level of interaction with the exhi

excursions in Kyiv, tours to Ukraine

bits. It reaches even to the fact that visitor can try to catch fish with his bare hands.

Museum will offer older visitors the opportunity to stroll the old reservoirs and drainage systems until the sewage aeration Bortnitska station and clearly acquainted with the work of the Kiev drainage system. There are also more global exhibits, which give an idea about the water mass of the earth as a whole. Want to see the melting glacier ten thousand years ago - please, albeit in a reduced form. Always wanted to see up close, as rain or clouds is born or geyser starts erupting - the museum at your service. It has exhibits that can answer all questions relating to water.

excursions in Kyiv, tours to Ukraine

Children, of course, will also find themselves engagements in taste. Which of them won’t like the opportunity to play with nature, changing, even in miniature, rivers and causing a storm? In addition, the attraction of bubbles, which allows you to see the phenomenon from within. For some, the opportunity to get into the bubble could mean even the dream realized. Museum, of course, is positioning its primary purpose as an emphasis on environmental issues related to water, but in practice it does not look boring. Firstly, there are no bare facts and every word the guide illustrating exhibits. Second, the exposition of the museum is unlike any other, so there is almost one hundred percent guarantee that this you have not seen before. And for any museum this is extremely important.

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