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"Requests dad, asked the mother, and I ask you to come to me for Wedding Music ...".According to age-old Ukrainian folk traditions, such word says the bride, when accompanied by two friends inviting people to the wedding. But as time goes by, as is changing rapidly and these wedding traditions now take not as often as before. And over time, all these traditions are forgotten and go to the pages of history...Museum of Ukrainian wedding

But today we have a great opportunity to learn about how once were preparing for the wedding of our ancestors, which was accompanied by rituals and traditions this holiday, as it is the celebration of the wedding. Learn about all this at the Museum of Ukrainian wedding, which is located in the village of Great Budishcha Poltava region, which is located only 5 km from the famous for  all Dikanki.

Museum of Ukrainian wedding in the village of Great Budishcha was opened in 2008, just at the feast of St. Covers. By the way, on the same day and was played first wedding - Denis and Maria Deeva.

The creators of this fantastic museum managed to break all the museum canons. After the museum every man has always been associated with peace in all rooms, signs that his menacing slogans (eg, "under the protection of Exhibits", "Do not touch!" etc.) decorate each exhibit. But at the Museum of Ukrainian wedding happens all the exact opposite. All exhibits cannot just walk up and touch it, but to use them for their intended purpose. For example, each guest can get out of the oven pot-pot special ROGACHEV. The more noisy guests come to the museum, the more fun is the whole tour. Any visitor to the museum will not go away empty-handed. Each guest on the road gives pies, fresh, still hot from the oven which only got. A prepared these cakes are not in the museum of the furnace, and in the present. In this museum you can see not only how long the wedding ceremony took place, but also to become a party to it.

Museum of Ukrainian weddingThe idea of ??creation of the Museum of Ukrainian wedding in the village of Great Budishcha belongs to the talented and creative director of the local House of Culture Trypilian Oksana Borisovne.Its proposal to open a national museum in an empty office sincerely supported the entire population of the village of Great Budishcha.

Maybe someone wants to argue, saying that this is not news - to create a national museum - because their hundreds in Ukraine. But it could be so, if not respected creative nature Oksana Borisovna. After all, what makes this woman, she never does, since all. Her initiative was supported by a lot of people - almost every resident of the village participated in the creation, the museum, the local church gave the museum a lot of beautiful traditional embroidered towel, a large number of towels wedding brought residents.

The exhibits of the Museum of Ukrainian wedding are colorful vintage ornaments, a variety of embroidered towels and shirts, a huge variety of household items residents of Ukrainian villages.The main highlight of all the exhibits of the Museum of Ukrainian weddings are now a wedding dress, which in 1926 married a resident of the village of Great Budishcha Elena Kravchenko, and a huge old chest bride's dowry, in which there are 12 embroidered shirts and 40 of towels. The main part of the museum collection was going for 5 years, and it still continues to grow with new and interesting exhibits.

Museum of Ukrainian weddingBut still the main feature, or so-called a highlight of the Museum of Ukrainian wedding is not a collection of artifacts, and a unique opportunity for every tourist to witness or party to the present Ukrainian wedding ceremony. During this ceremony, all participants as if transported into the past, to a time when all the traditions and customs of the Ukrainian wedding carefully preserved and kept. It is often such that the members of this incredible staging Ukrainian wedding confused unreality to reality. In each room of the museum every detail reproduces the situation of the Ukrainian village life a century ago.

Here everything now. Drinks are on the table are the real thing and they generously poured and asked drink for a happy and healthy young people. Snacks are as authentic Ukrainian dishes prepared according to old recipes of our grandmothers. During the tour, guests will experience the unique atmosphere of traditional Ukrainian wedding, hear folk wedding songs, try samogon will see folk dances, as well as how to behave the bride and groom are supposed to do the parents, witnesses and guests. In general, no one should have to miss!

Despite such a short period of existence, the museum already has one belief.If a girl wears "pretend" wedding dress from the Museum, very soon she will marry. However, this is not surprising, since every single exhibit of the museum was a witness to this wedding, and even not one.Museum of Ukrainian wedding

Also, what to visit the museum as a guest, and you can get engaged. Wedding ceremony will hold a representative of lawful authority is the head of the local village council.

As many wedding in Poltava long walks on the three days. During these three days are many customs and traditions. Organizers of all wedding ceremonies in the Museum was able to select the most interesting, the most significant of the traditions of Ukrainian wedding and put it all in the hour and a half action script. Unfortunately, the more time they cannot identify, because a lot of visitors. Wedding ceremony at the Museum of Ukrainian Folk Ensemble performs a wedding in Ukraine "Bereginya".

Museum of Ukrainian wedding first opened its doors to visitors in 2008, and in such a short period of time has become one of the most popular and the most romantic Ukrainian museums. Every day in the village of Great Budishcha guests come not only from Ukraine, but also from countries near and far abroad. Germans, Japanese, Chinese, and other guests from around the world come to the museum with their translators. There have already visited by ambassadors from around the world. The Museum of Ukrainian wedding recently held All-Ukrainian conference of local lore.

Given the fact that it is only national museum, it is worth noting that it is a lot of work and its creators have made an invaluable contribution to the return from oblivion and preservation of native Ukrainian folk traditions wedding.

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