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In our time gradually increases the value of museums, their influence on the spiritual and intellectual growth of a person. So visit museums every year more and more turns into the so-called organic necessity of our life. In this regard, in the last few years is a tendency to increase the number of organized children's and just family outings to museums in the country. Many families believe that their own family traditions, because it helps to strengthen relationships and promote mutual understanding, especially between parents and children.

From our side, we want to help open for many people more sights of Ukraine and the world, to tell them the most interesting facts and history. In particular, and about museums. In this article we want to share with you information about the National Museum of Ukrainian pottery that will be interesting and will appeal to both adults and children.Museum of Ukrainian pottery

Museum of Ukrainian pottery is one of the best museums of Ukraine, which stores, maintains, and distributes world-traditional for our people pottery.Is this museum in the pottery capital of Ukraine - the village Oposhnya Poltava region.

Poltava always we associate with the world famous Sorochinskyi fair, Gogol places such as the village: Gogolevo, Dykanka, "Evenings on a Farm near Dykanka", etc. But Oposhnya is an entirely different side of the Poltava region. Not less important, historic, and not less interesting than all of the above attractions of Poltava. Oposhnya is often called pottery Mecca of Ukraine. According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine village Oposhnya included in the "List of historic settlements of Ukraine".

Perhaps the National Museum of Ukrainian pottery in the village Oposhnya not everyone has heard, but information about him last year extends far beyond Ukraine. In addition, every year increases the number of visitors to the Museum of Ukrainian pottery. See the works of masters of pottery, which in Ukraine for more than 3000 years; I want not only residents from the entire territory of Ukraine, but also representatives of many countries of the world.

On the territory of Ukraine, as already mentioned, pottery actively developing for the past several millennia!In the late XIX - early XX centuries in Oposhnya, then it was a small town, worked for almost 1000 potters, whose works were exported to all continents of the world.

Museum of Ukrainian potteryCeramics made by masters from Oposhnya, for many years has been, is now and will always be an ethnic symbol of the culture of the Ukrainian people, its global brand.Some pictures of potters for their work, earthen ovens, fair layout of their creations, boats, Laden with jars of clay, and floating on the river Vorskla, and much more help to understand how large scale distribution of pottery.

The Museum of Ukrainian pottery in Oposhnyaoccupies an area of 7 hectares. On the territory of the Museum-reserve open two more state institutions: State specialized boarding school of I-III levels "College of the arts in Oposhnya" and the branch of the Institute of Ethnology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - Institute of termology.

The pottery museum in Oposhnya was opened in 1986. In 1989 the government decided to establish on the basis of this authority, the national Museum of Ukrainian pottery. This Museum since the early days of its establishment until today performs the functions of cultural, educational and research institutions and is pottery national treasure of the country. In 2001, the Museum of Ukrainian pottery has received the status of "national".

The structure of the Museum of Ukrainian pottery work of the Potter library, which specializes in the problems of the world and Ukrainian pottery and has a Fund of more than 100,000 units, national archives of Ukrainian pottery, publishing house "Ukrainian Ethnology", audiovisual Fund and audiovisual Studio of Ukrainian pottery. Publishing house "Ukrainian Ethnology" prints in light of the National science yearbooks "Ukrainian termology magazine", "Bibliography of Ukrainian pottery", "Ukrainian termology and national cultural Yearbook of Ukrainian pottery".

The activities of the Museum of Ukrainian pottery aimed at creating the ceramic collections. One of the main objectives of this Museum is the study of the current state of Ukrainian pottery and conducting research on its history. In the National Museum of Ukrainian pottery in the village Oposhnya is the largest collection of pottery in Ukraine. She has more than 40 000 items. In these museum collections you can see the works of almost all the traditional centers of Ukrainian folk pottery, as well as the creativity of the best Ukrainian artists of our day. On the territory of the Museum of Ukrainian pottery in Oposhnya there is also the national gallery Ukrainian monumental ceramics, which are ceramics sculptors and artists that have been created by these masters during the National workshops of pottery in Oposhnya.Museum of Ukrainian pottery

At the entrance to the Museum of Ukrainian pottery offers beautiful views of the landscaped park, which is randomly set exclusive creations of the best Ukrainian potters, creating a monumental collection of landscape ceramic art. Probably the most basic decor in the Museum-reserve are clay pots and bells of different sizes, which are hung on fences, trees, exhibited near the houses, Windows. There you will see various fabulous and biblical characters, double-headed lion, the mythical centaur, Oranta - goddess Trypilian, angels, Saint George and the virgin Mary, humorous sculptures that depict the comic scenes from our daily life and so on.

At this museum, which is located directly under the open sky, you can see a very interesting works, among which are brightly expressed fishing, the image of the Ukrainian festivals, gatherings Cossacks, insects, animals, clay ducks in a brick pond, diverse female and male images in different techniques, there is an erotic, romantic figures, various alien creatures and much more.

After viewing the Museum, make sure you stop in the Museum building, at the entrance of which guests are greeted by a mystical creature. In the Museum of Ukrainian pottery absolutely everything is made for visitors and with love. Every guest of the Museum handed a brochure and brand oposhnya penny whistle. For adults this gift only enhances the impression of the attitude of the staff of the Museum, and the children for penny whistle are very happy. There are also regular guided tours.

Museum of Ukrainian pottery in Oposhnya has a unique atmosphere, which can affect the human intellect, to evoke emotions, to excite his imagination, allow you to explore the world and learn history from primary sources. All collections of the Museum of Ukrainian pottery presentable, informative, interesting and understandable, both adults and children.Museum of Ukrainian pottery

The main exhibits in the interior of the Museum of Ukrainian pottery is a display of pottery, especially that part that is exposed in the form of a rainbow of more than 350 bowls from different cities and regions of Ukraine. Here you can also see a large collection of mural paintings (on clay), clay toys, a Gallery of portraits of famous potters.

The museum guides kindly tell by the technology of pottery-making, their use and purpose. But most importantly, every visitor can touch pottery, to feel the plastic clay in his hands and under the guidance of experienced craftsmen to make something out of it, to see the magic transformation of clay from a shapeless lump into something logical, shaped and beautiful.

National Museum of Ukrainian pottery in oposhnya is a real pottery Mecca of Ukraine, which are worth to see with my own eyes, to feel the unique atmosphere of ancient Ukrainian crafts.Here you can visit museums, estates of two very famous potters of Posibila and Selyuchenka. A visit to this Museum will give every visitor to previously unknown to him the culture and history of Ukraine; will leave pleasant memories and an irresistible desire for the further development of the Museum space.

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