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 Museum of Chocolate in LvivFrom olden times, Lviv has been famous for its delicious taste of true chocolate, which is the right thing for really demanding lovers of good food with exquisite European taste, to eat, drink, enjoy its unrivaled taste characteristics, to date with, to present guests and relatives with, to make a declaration of love and even to bribe!Museum of Chocolate in Lviv

Amazing aroma of coffee and chocolate hangs thick in the air of Lviv. Practically in every street of this city you will find a shop abounding with chocolate confectionery. However, there is a place in this city, where you can discover the mystery of chocolate creation. These are Lviv Chocolate Factory and Museum of Chocolate located in the heart of Lviv in Italian courtyard at Rynok square.Museum of Chocolate in Lviv The museum was established by “AVK” company, which used to organize portable chocolate exhibitions. Taking into account more than 300 000 visitors from Russia and Ukraine that have attended the events and increasing interest to their sweets, “AVK” company decided to open its first stationary museum of chocolate goods. Choice of the city was obvious, as Lviv won the title of “Chocolate capital of Ukraine” long ago. This is the city, where culture of sweets consumption is rather high and personal approach is applied even while making an “ordinary” cup of coffee.Museum of Chocolate in Lviv

Especially for Lviv Museum of Chocolate, a unique collection of famous architectural monuments of Europe and Ukraine has been created. This includes Coliseum, the Eifel Tower, the English House of Parliament, Donbass-Arena, Andrew church and many others. A number of other chocolate masterpieces are exhibited here, including various animals, sport equipment, pieces of clothes and footwear, collection of rare cars, flowers, fruit, etc.

Museum of Chocolate in LvivAs all the exhibits of this museum have validity period, exposition is renovated on regular basis providing new chocolate masterpieces.

Museum guide will tell you the history of chocolate creation, Gods’ favorite drink, and reveal some recipes and secrets of modern chocolate production. Museum of Chocolate in LvivEverybody who visited this place won’t leave empty handed, as far as professional chocolatiers will find an individual approach even to the most dainty and spoilt modern clients. They will cook an original chocolate article with personal inscriptions and wishes and pack these delicacies in a beautiful box and a brand bag.    

Your every trip to this city should include an exciting tour to Lviv Chocolate Factory, which will fill your impressions of Lviv with amazing emotions!     

Author Marina Melnichenko

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