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Museum-Estate Kotlyarevskogo

In one of the most glorious cities in Ukraine, in the city of Poltava, in his famous Ivanova mountain rustic hut is an ancient village, which is a model of Ukrainian folk houses XVIII - early XIX centuries. Next to this house was built as a barn, a barn, and a well equipped with a crane. And all this beauty of a traditional Ukrainian courtyard surrounded by a lovely fence, which is wreathed with bright colors. Behind the house is perfectly visible ancient Dormition Cathedral, which stands proudly across Poltava. On the other side of the house you can see the snow-white rotunda, immediately followed by a quiet flowing river Vorskla.

Museum-Estate KotlyarevskogoBut it's not just an old hut, which was fortunate to survive and continue to the present day.In fact, it is a museum-estate of the outstanding poet of our country, a man who is known as one of the fathers of modern Ukrainian language, the author of the world famous "Eneida" is Ivan Petrovich Kotlyarevskiy.

This home where you grew up, lived and worked this outstanding poet, unfortunately, has not survived to our days. So in honor of the 200th anniversary since the birth of I.P. Kotlyarevsky in Poltava in 1969 resumed entire memorial Museum - estate of the name Ivan p. Kotlyarevsky, which includes all of the above buildings .Incidentally, 1969 was declared a UNESCO Year Ivan Kotliarevsky.

Very interesting is the fact that the house was built by the poet watercolor sketches of Taras Shevchenko. All other elements have been completely recreated according to the memories of contemporaries of the outstanding Ukrainian poet.Museum-Estate Kotlyarevskogo

In this house, in which lived a generation kind Kotlyarevskogo poet Ivan Kotlyarevskiy lived all his life. He inherited the house from his father, and before that the house belonged to the grandfather of the poet, who once served as a clerk in Holy Assumption Cathedral. In one of the rooms of this lovely lodge on svolok cut date - 1705 .This year is when the house was built, but in the family property Kotlyarevskaya he joined only in 1751.

After Ivan got Kotlyarevskiy house inherited from his father, he did a bit modernized and transformed to fit your needs and your taste, that was it, it is convenient to work and rest. The house has five rooms: a living room, front room, office, kitchen and a room for the housekeeper. One of these rooms served as a poet as a bedroom and office. In this room there was a bed, a desk and a bookcase with lots of books popular Roman and French authors. In addition to personal and small library Kotlyarevskogo could see the Russian translations of famous works of Sir Walter Scott, Cooper, Lesage and Lafonetta, as well as many works of Russian writers and poets, popular at the time periodicals ("Blagonamerennyi", "Sorevnovatel" "Herald of Europe", "Northern Bee", "Library for Reading", "Son of the Fatherland"). Time for rest Kotlyarevskiy liked to spend on the doorstep with a balustrade, where he could go straight to the living room. From the balcony of the house and will open a very beautiful and scenic views of the Vorskla.

Museum-Estate KotlyarevskogoMuseum-Estate KotlyarevskogoMuseum-Estate Kotlyarevskogo

Ivan Kotlyarevskiy led, pretty, modest life. In a small living room were several card-chairs and a table. The walls were decorated with several paintings, oil paintings, two paintings of the Flemish school, as well as a portrait of the poet. Special decoration living room had a vintage wall clock that hung between pictures. They had a very interesting and original design - on their dial was depicted biblical motif of the first sin, when Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of "knowledge of good and evil." Sills in the house Kotlyarevskogo decorated with beautiful flowers and clay pots.

As mentioned earlier, the house of Ivan Petrovich Kotlyarevskogo is a typical Ukrainian building houses in XVIII-XIX centuries. In the study of the poet, from the ceiling, along its entire length carved inscription: "To create this house in the name of the Father and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Year 1705 month August 1st. "This is the exact date of construction of the house of the poet. Other things in the room - it's a typical everyday thing of that time, which was restored by his contemporaries Kotlyarevskogo.Museum-Estate Kotlyarevskogo

After the death of the great poet Ivan Kotlyarevskogo his house repeatedly changed its owner. In 1845, in Poltava visited another famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. He captured the house Kotlyarevskogo on his artistic figure, where portrayed as Vorskla River and Holy Assumption Church. But drawing tons, Shevchenko is not the only artistic image Kotlyarevskogo home. In lithography artist R. Mellin is also drawing the poet's house.

Reconstruction, but rather the creation of the museum-estate I.P. Kotlyarevskogo directed by famous architect VM Tertichny. Grand opening of the Poltava literary-memorial museum of Ivan Petrovich Kotlyarevskogo held September 28, 1952. Workers and tour guides of the museum in national dress invite tourists into the world of the great Ukrainian poet, where you can see his entire archive, from various documents to the collection of manuscripts and all editions Kotlyarevskogo.

At the time, the museum-estate of Ivan Kotlyarevskogo visited and well-known people such as actor M.Schepkin, Russian linguist Sreznevsky, Pogodin, historian W. Pasek and prominent individuals.

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