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Location of the Strategic Missile Forces Museum

One of the unique military museums, Museum Of Strategic Missile Forces, is founded on October 30, 2001. For creating the museum, the launching site and the unified command post of the missile regiment, 46 Missile Divisions of Strategic Armed Forces were used.
Not a long time ago, the museum objects were strictly confidential and no one was allowed to visit the missile base. Currently, the museum has a big number of exclusive exhibits and their number is constantly growing. The museum is maintained by ex-missile troops officers who work as tour guides, so you will be told some interesting stories from their own experience and gain firsthand knowledge.
The museum is the launching site with a silo launching ramp, silo-based command post for missile launching, surface equipment (central refrigerating plant, power-generating unit, guard-house with automated security systems) and diversified accessorial mechanisms of missile complex “OC”, which are preserved in original condition.
SLR is a shaft which is 35 metres deep. This structure is strongly fortified and includes an equipment room, a protective device, and a barrel. The total weight of the protective device is 121 tons. The container with PC-22 missile was suspended directly to the barrel of the shaft.
Such complexes were at combat alert since 1989 to 1999. Near SLR, there is a model of the headpiece of PC-22 (CC-24) missile.
FCP Fortified Command Post.
Design of the silo of FCP is analogues to the LR, and has the same protection. Its depth is 40 metres. This is a metal container with depth of 33 metres, (diameter 3.3), weight 125 tons, which has 12 sections of CP, there are devices and equipment, each part of which performs its own special functions.
The museum offers its visitors the great opportunity to descend in the lift into the 11th and 12th sections of the Command Post. Also, visitors can experience sitting in the commander’s chair and pressing the button “Start”. With their own eyes sightseers will see action posts, remote controls and monitoring ASBU and communications in the 11th compartment and a relaxation room of the duty squad in the 12th compartment.
The combat crew consisted of 2 individuals who were constantly at alert in the 11th compartment situated 30 meters deep underground, for 6 hours in turn. For delivery of the combat crew to the place of service in FCP, cargo and passenger lift was used. Command post could reliably function in different conditions, including in autonomous mode for 45 days. Guard rooms were specially designed for guarding and protecting the position. To enter the guard room it is necessary to go through the underground trapdoor.
On the roof of the guardroom, a tower machine-gun unit was installed, with a Kalashnikov machine-gun unit is located on the roof of building No.6, in which the other shift stayed.
In the exhibit halls of the museum of building No.6, the visitors can learn the history of the 46th Missile Nyzhnedniprovska Red Flag Division awarded by the Orders of October Revolution. The division started its combat operation in the years of the World War II, and finished its operating in October of 2001, leaving for the future generations the Museum of Strategic Missile Forces.
This museum is definitely worth visiting. The excursion will give the possibility to “touch” Ukraine’s recent past.