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 BREWERY MUSEUM IN LVIVDue to a number of various in thematic, but incredibly beautiful, interesting, rich museums, Lviv gained its fame not only on the territory of Ukraine but far beyond its borders. One of the most interesting among the city museums is Brewing Museum, created in 2005 in honor of 290th anniversary of the oldest brewery in Ukraine that was celebrated in Lviv.

This is the first and the only Beer Museum in Ukraine. It is located in a semi-cellar of Lviv Brewery, which for the moment being is the oldest Ukrainian producer of this wonderful hopped beverage. Beer bottling here started almost 300 years ago in 1715. It is a well-known fact, that the year of brewery creation gave the name to a sort of beer, bottled here.BREWERY MUSEUM IN LVIV

From olden times, Lviv brewers knew the best recipes of brewing the amber drink and readily treated guests of their city. Lviv is the place, where brewing traditions are kept the best way. Lviv beer has been a living legend of this city for several centuries.

 While visiting Brewery Museum located on the territory of “Lviv Brewery” you have an exciting journey through the historical pages of producing and consumption of this hopped drink.

BREWERY MUSEUM IN LVIVExclusive exhibits of the Museum reveal to visitors the history of beer production, and collection of old beer bottles with trademark pressed on the glass, old beer mugs, made in various styles and brought from all the corners of Europe, special barrels for beer transportation, recipe books from the end of XIX c., models and real brewers’ tools of various times – true pride of Beer Museum. These silent witnesses invite guests to dip into the fairy and legendary world ruled by hops, water and malt. These are three main beer components, present in it. Water symbolizes blood of beer, hops – its soul, and malt – body of beer, i.e. its main mass.

Visitors of the museum also have a chance to watch a film about “Lviv Brewery”, visit souvenir shop, and guests above 18 are welcomed to take part in beer degustation and taste this amber drink.BREWERY MUSEUM IN LVIV

Right from the Museum you can enter a small cozy beer restaurant “Hop House of Robert Doms” which is worth visiting as well.

Main goal of Beer Museum is to demonstrate brewing traditions of Lviv region by means of tourist attractions and once more prove that brewing traditions in Lviv are ancient which give us a full right to call this city the Ukrainian beer capital.

All true beer devotees are invited to visit the only Brewery Museum in Ukraine!

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