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One Street Museum is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Kiev. The museum is located in the St. Andrew's descent, and is dedicated to the history of this famous street.

Museum of One Street in 1991 was opened by the creative association "Master". It’s primary address - Andrew's Descent, d. 22-B. But the winter of 1998, it moved into a new building, which was located at Andrew's Descent, d. 2-B.
For many years, the creators of the Museum of One Street managed to open countless mysteries of Andrew's Descent. Museum is really miniature, but it does no harm to have a deep inner meaning. Saturated exposure creates historical documents, manuscripts, autographs, vintage postcards, photos, and a significant number of old household items. Visitors have an opportunity to delve into the atmosphere of ancient times.

One Street Museum exhibits on the history of St. Andrew's Descent and its many outstanding citizens. Many subjects connected with interesting incidents, stories and urban myths about houses that are on St. Andrew’s descent, and of their respective owners. The exhibition is built so that museum visitors were able to make independent travel to the Descent both in time and space, since the times of the Apostle Andrew and ending our days, and traveling to the famous St. Andrew's Church, which is located on top of the mountain, down to the Kontractova area. Exhibition hall of the museum regularly holds historical, artistic and documentary exhibitions.

Some museum showcases tell the story of the Castle of Richard the Lionheart, St. Andrew's Church and other buildings of the Descent. Richard Castle, legendary ghost house, known for being here at different times of stopping such famous Ukrainian artists as Krasitsky F., G. Dyadchenko, I. Makushenko, sculptor F. Balavenskyy. The museum contains a unique collection of their artwork. Part of the museum's collection includes memorabilia that belonged to Ukrainian philologist Zhytetsky P., A. Savenko social activist, writer G. Tyutyunnik, doctors Yanovsky and T. D. Popov, faculty of the Kiev Theological Academy P. Kudryavtsev, SV Golubev, F. Titov etc ..
One Street Museum attract all lovers make time travel and true connoisseurs of antiquity.

by Ostap Ukrainetz