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 Museum of Lesya Ukrainka

A famous Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka was one of those charmed with beauty of Volyn region. For a long time she lived in the village of Kolodyazhne, Kovel district, Volyn region. Kolodyazhne is an incredibly beautiful part of Volyn region, fascinating everyone with purity of its springs and amazing beauty of surrounding nature. This is the place where Lesya Ukrainka spent her childhood and youth. It’s the place where the talent of future poetess was formed under the influence of legends and beauty of Volyn region and where her creative work began. Kolodyazhne village became a true source of vital and creative powers of glorious Lesya Ukrainka.   

Museum of Lesya Ukrainka

Lesya Ukrainka lived and worked here from 1882 to 1897. During this period she wrote 80 literary works, recorded more than 150 folk songs, fairy-tales and legends, translated.

In 1949 the literary-memorial museum of Lesya Ukrainka was established on the territory of estate of the Kosaches. The museum consists of two buildings, namely a “grey” one which is the house of Lesya’s parents, and a “white” one that is Lesya’s house built by her father Petro Kosach in 1890. Exposition of the literary-memorial museum includes personal belongings of Lesya Ukrainka and her family, household items, photographs, lifetime publications of the famous young poetess and her mother – Olena Pchilka, reconstructed fragments of poetess’ village house and study.

Museum of Lesya Ukrainka

Exposition consists of four parts:

  • History of the museum. Tragedy of the Kosach family
  • Kolodyazhne – the cradle of Lesya’s talent;
  • Along Volyn pathes of Lesya Ukrainka;
  • Through the whole life – in “The Forest Song”.

Excursions to the literary-memorial museum of Lesya Ukrainka in Kolodyazhne a rather popular among visitors of Volyn region

Author Marina Melnichenko

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