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One picture is worth a thousand words, of course, but being able to touch and try everything in general is far better. Kyiv Museum "Experimentanium" is a unique institution which provides an opportunity to look at the exhibits on display behind glass, not listening to the story of boring guide but touching the exhibits and, without exaggeration, use them as they were aimed. And rightly so, because " Experimentanium " is a museum of experimental physics.

When it opened for the first time in September last year, there was a huge agiotage around the proposed attraction. That was just unbelievable. In fact, the institution which provides an opportunity to look at third-party implementation of the experiment and execute it is a rarity not only in Ukraine. In Europe these institutions can be counted on the fingers. But let's look at the museum more detailed.

So, when it comes to experimental physics, these experiments should certainly be spectacular. And the spectacle is really lacking. First of all, people are interested in experiments with electronics since they produce the greatest number of sparks and booms that make people smile, regardless of age. This part satisfies the desire entirely - which is worth at least a plasma lamp, designed on the principle of Tesla coils! I do not know man, you would not be attracted by the opportunity to create his own lightning. This is one of those things that are interesting to do, simply because they look cool. 

Mechanics, of course, is not so spectacular, but gives a deeper sense of ownership - from the ability to manage the levers and gear systems to the real experiment of creating an air bridge. Additionally, you can raise the air magnets,pass through mechanical mazes and more. Personally, I remembered best those boards with different types of nodes, because beside them even older people can spend hours learning the ropes and trying to tie them into intricate sea knot. Somewhy everyone manages bo bid just a slipknot…

Well, optics proved to be a general favorite. The main thing is not because of optical illusions and playing with light, which are in Internet in a grear number. The key program for most visitors was a mirror maze, which proved extremely easy to lose yourself among the set of yourselves. And a standard tricks with shadows and colors are to taste, espetially to the youngest museum visitors.

In short, " Experimentarium " is surely the place of a visit one should never regret. It is no dusty museum values, but there are many things that are running, blowing up and otherwise cause wow effect. Many things to try.

by Ostap Ukrayinets