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"National Toy Museum in Kyiv"

National Toy Museum in Kyiv is one of the most unique museums in the Ukrainian capital. The idea of its creation came in 1933. Three years later, in Kiev there was an exhibition that launched a unique collection of toys. Unfortunately, the war adversely impact on their work, but in early 1943 was the equipment and materials enough for their production. Toy industry had been recovered in 1946. For the full Toy Museum, it was founded in 2003, but funding appeared only a year later. First visitors of the museum took in January 2005.

The museum's collections was to swell for 70 years. Today it consists of ten thousand copies. Here, visitors can get acquainted with the toys that their grandparents were so fond of, when there were children, especially with a toy machine (machines, steam furnace, excavators, aircraft), desktop printing (Lotto), dolls, reeled, folk toys ( clay rattles, bullocks, thatched, wooden chairs). In the collection you can find many exclusive copyright works by Soviet puppet masters, see the unique collection of desk-printing games, as well as extremely colorful and joyous collection of folk toys. Collection may surprise visitors toys in different years: dolls police 30s, the first transformer, celluloid figures of the 40s, retro cubs 50s, doll 60s, groovy Animals 60s.



National Museum of toys is marked by three permanent exhibitions: "toy story", "Ukrainian folk toy", "copyright works". New Year's celebrations each year offers another exhibition, which exhibits dedicated to Christmas decorations.

In addition to the unique dolls and transport toys museum has a collection of designs sewing machines of the last century, toy irons (electric & coal both), the active model steam engine, the first artificial Christmas trees, made from chicken feathers, etc. ..

The museum's collection has several sources of replenishment exhibits. This is due to the competition, as well as gifts of amateur collectors. Daughter academic Bogomolets gave the museum his doll, made in the early nineteenth century in Germany. If you want to let a moment go back to the wonderful world of childhood, in which case the State must navidaytes Toy Museum.

by Ostap Ukrayinets'

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