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Article: Mikhail Bulgakov Museum in Kyiv


Ukraine, Kiev, St. Andrew's Descent, 13

Daily from 10:00 to 18:00 (admission until 17:30)
Day off - Wednesday
Monday from 10:00 to 12:00 - sanitary hour (large laundry!)

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum is a place that will attract every fan not only of "Master and Margarita", but also "White Guard" and "Days of Turbins" House, that later became a literary memorial museum was once a dwelling of famous writer, where he lived with his wife and engaged in medical practice.

One of the first founders of the museum was Anatoly Konchakovski who started collecting things which were in some way connected with the family of Mikhail Bulgakov. The future museum director was seriously interested in everything that had to do with the writer. He read a lot of material, which was related to Bulgakov, among them an essay by Viktor Nekrasov, titled "House Turbin", which was published back in 1967 in the Soviet magazine "New World". Collection of Bulgakov materials that belonged to Konchakovski was filled with photos of Bulgakov's family and dining trinkets and books of writer. However, the main exhibit is still the building itself - bright relic of that era.

1989 was a landmark for the process of converting the house into a museum, because at that time Kiev Executive Committee decided to create a literary-memorial museum of Bulgakov. Restoration work took place on the draft by Irene Malakov and lasted for two years. But in May 1991 the house door finally opened for visitors which wanted to become better acquainted with the life of the writer.

Museums today has taken over the functions of the house on the Ascension street, the birthplace of Mikhail Bulgakov, because now the house is almost completely destroyed.

Home exposition occupies the entire second floor of the house. There are over three thousand different pieces of the period, of which about five hundred are closely associated with the life of Bulgakov. Interesting is the fact that many of the things are described in the novel "The White Guard". Even the main characters work – “Turbins Family” - lived in the same building thar the writer did - in the house, which today is a museum.

Due to the active and strong museum staff in the museum were held many significant events. One of them - getting the first grant for a project called "Tea Bulgakov's porch". Through advertising collection of museum exhibits was added with valuable things donated by visitors, as well as sponsorship money.

Museum will attract not only fans of the great writer, but also lovers of classical music, because every month the museum held evenings devoted to it.

by Ostap Ukrainets

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