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NikolaevNikolayev is another resort town of Ukraine situated in the south of this country. The city has an interesting location. It is situated on the peninsula, in the confluence of rivers called Ingul and Pivdennyi Buh (the Southern Buh), on the shores of Buhskyi estuary of the Black sea. Nikolayev is the administrative center of the same-named region – Nikolayev. The population is 504.4 thousand people, and the area is 25.3 thousand sq.ha.

This city is often called no other name but the city of ships as it is closely tight with the story of Ukrainian fleet development.

The name “Nikolayev” was given to the city in honor of Russian troops’ victory in 1788 during the attack of the Ochakov fortress. This event coincided with the celebration of Saint Nikolas day who is the patron of all the sailors.

Nowadays, you can say a lot about this city, you can countlessly name its attractions, peculiarities, historical events, festivals, etc., but first of all we want to tell you about Nikolayev as a wonderful place to spend your summer holidays.Nikolaev

Rest in Nikolayev can be rather diverse and affordable to everyone. Transport connection is well-developed in Nikolayev. You can come here using various kinds of transport – railway (there are direct connections with Kyiv, Minsk, Moskva and other cities), by air (there also exist direct flights from the above mentioned cities) and by car.

Pleasant summer rest in Nikolayev is accomplished with surprising atmosphere of the port city, clean beaches, and warm sea water. Besides, pleasant is combined with useful – water on the seacoast of Nikolayev is rich on iodine, improving immunity and strengthening the whole body.

Excellent rest in Nikolayev is naturally a wide range of public catering with various cuisine and price category. Every restaurant, bar, café differs from the others with its interior, atmosphere and menu. For instance, in “Astoria” restaurant you can taste Lenten and vegetarian menu, or most delicious dishes cooked on the grill.Nikolaev

Devotees of romance will be interested in strolling along the beautiful Nikolayev sea front, romantic yacht trips along the rivers Yuzhnyi Buh and Ingul that are organized by the regional yacht-club.        

The city of Nikolayev will be a perfect choice for rest with children, as apart from hot sun, warm and clean sea, this city has a lot of interesting and amusing places. For example, children city “Skazka (Fairy-Tale)”, ice rink, Nikolayev zoo, as well as aqua park “Vodoley” – one of a few aqua parks in Ukraine meeting all European standards. The aqua park has several swimming-pools, for adults and for children as well, water rides, hydro massages and many other things.Nikolaev

Good and comfortable rest in Nikolayev is ensured with a huge choice of accommodation of various categories – starting with cozy private sector which suits the best for rest with children and finishing with luxurious apartments.

Winter rest in Nikolayev is no worse than the summer one and it is as good as in other famous resorts. Its main advantage is considerable saving. In January in Nikolayev average air temperature is +3 °, winter is dry and rather mild here. Walking along cozy and beautiful streets of Nikolayev, along the pier with its fascinating history and wonderful views to the sea coast will give you long-lasting pleasant memories.

Sights of Nikolayev

In the city of Nikolayev you will see a lot of interesting and surprising places and sights that will accomplish your rest in this city with unforgettable emotions and impressions.

Nikolayev is a center of sailing in Ukraine. That’s why tourist yacht cruises can be considered a traditional sight of this area.

NikolaevOne of the most popular and most often-visited rest zones in Nikolayev is the main city sea-front opening picturesque sea views. Aqua Park “Vodoley” is no less popular with both guests and citizens of Nikolayev. Aquapark “Vodoley” in Nikolayev is a perfect place for wonderful rest, unforgettable impressions that can offer various kinds of amusements and services for people of various ages. Regardless the season or caprices of nature, rest in Aquapark “Vodoley” is a unique chance to improve your health, feel full impressions of entertainments, improve your skills in water sports and simply have a good time.

Nikolayev zoo is one of the oldest and well-kept zoos in the country. In 1993 Nikolayev zoo became the first Ukrainian zoo accepted by the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). Collection of Nikolayev zoo includes more than 350 species of animals, approximately 2500 specimen, huge part of which is enlisted in the International Red Book. At the beginning of autumn 2001 Nikolayev zoo celebrated its 100th anniversary. A commemorative coin was released to mark this event. It was “100 years to Nikolayev zoo” having value of 2 hrivnias. In November of the next year according to the results of IX International popularity and quality rating “Golden Fortuna”, Nikolayev zoo received the award Chrystal horn.Nikolaev

There are lots of historical and cultural sights in the central part of Nikolayev, among those Catholic Church (1896), Church of the Holy Mother (XIX century), Turkish fountain (XVIII century), building of the oldest yacht-club in Ukraine, “Nikolayev Eifel Tower” – water tower built in the XIX century by architect V.Shukhov, Ukrainian theater of Drama and Musical Comedy, etc.

The city of Nikolayev is also famous as one of the best educational and scientific centers of Ukraine. Every year about 2500 specialists graduate from ten higher educational institutions of Nikolayev, most of them having received professions that don’t have analogues in the whole world. One of such institutions is Ukrainian State Sea Technical University of Admiral Makarov. This institution prepares first-rate specialists in all shipbuilding specialties according to modern demands of technology development. Diplomas of this university are ranked in many developed countries of the world, such as the USA, Germany, etc.

All this is only a tiny part of Nikolayev sights. You can say much more about this city, but it’s better to see everything with you own eyes having come for vacation to this wonderful port city in the south of Ukraine. 

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