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High bank of the Danube, passing through the territory of Ukraine, decorates a beautiful southern city of Ishmael.IshmaelThis is the most significant city after Odessa in the Odessa region, which is located in the most southern part of it at a distance of 80 km from the Black Sea. For many years, Ishmael attracts a lot of tourists from all over Ukraine as well as from other countries around the world. Most of all the residents of neighbouring countries visit this city.

Great weather in Ishmael will not leave anyone indifferent to this city. After all everyone, who has visited Ishmael, will always remember its old mansions, shady and quiet streets, broad avenues and incredibly beautiful sunsets  that hides behind the blue waters of the Danube every evening.

Ishmael is a city which is also famous for the fact that is the base port of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company. Ishmael - is a "gateway" to the region of the Lower Danube. The most popular European tourist and cruise lines begin and end from the Ishmael port, one of the most famous among them is the route "Ishmael - Passau - Ishmael."Ishmael

The lovers of active recreation choose the rest in Ishmael on the Danube. Especially popular is tracking here. And even the most trivial walks on the waterfront of the Danube always brings a lot of pleasure and emotions from the contemplation of the magnificent beauty of the river. In addition, in Ishmael in 2004, a new festival, which immediately became a tradition, is Danube Day. On this day in the city the honors of this powerful European river and its tributaries are rendered in various forms. Therefore rest in Ishmael, for you will never be boring, is held in many different recreational activities, performances, competitions, and more.

Ishmael is a beautiful green city. The main street of the city is Prospect Suvorov on which are focused a lot of important landmarks, city offices, shops, boutiques, restaurants, hotels, movie theater. But special attention on the prospect of Suvorov attracts the cozy squares and parks, which are divided in the middle of the street.

The history of this city goes back many, many centuries, and goes into the distant ancient times. It keeps a lot of secrets and events that have left a huge mark on the world and the history of the state. Therefore, if you plan your next holiday in Ishmael, first of all is recommended to start exploring the city with its main attractions.

In Ishmael, today holds a massive amount of architectural monuments, which are reminiscent of the great events in different periods of the history of the city and the country. Unfortunately, many of the valuable architectural landmarks could not pass the test of time. For example, in Ishmael earlier was the great Roman fortress, which served as a defensive structure. Now from her was gone. Rather since 1856, when under the terms of the Treaty of Paris fortress was destroyed. But, nevertheless, to this day managed to save another historic buildingis Turkish mosque, which was built at the end of the XVI century and is an excellent example of Turkish architecture in the Middle Ages.

IshmaelAnother amazing attraction in the city of Ishmael is St. Basil's Cathedral, whose construction lasted from 1822 to 1836 according to architect A. Melnikov. Besides the cathedral in the city there are many other religious shrines, chief among them are considered Nicholas Church and the Church of the Assumption. But the main attraction is considered to be Ishmael historical museum named after AV Suvorov. This museum is located in an old mansion, which was built in the XIX century and is now a monument of architecture. The main points in each of the sightseeing tours of the city are the diorama "Storming the fortress of Ishmael" and Museum of A.V. Suvorov.

Ishmael had prepared a lot of interesting places and attractions for people of all ages. With the coming of night in the city wakes up a completely different life, not the one that prevails in it during the day. Those tourists who do not represent their holidays without an active night life, will find a huge number of Ishmael, entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, clubs for just taste and budget.

A brief history of Ishmael

According to the assumption of many historians, the area of Danube was populated in the distant era of the Early Paleolithic. Later the settlements of Trypilian and of Gumelnitskoy cultures lived here. On the territory of Ishmael many centuries ago, before our era, lived the Scythians, Cimmerians and Sarmatians.Ishmael

Scythians occupied a vast territory that stretched from the Don to the Danube. They were sedentary tribes, who actively defended their territory. Greek historian Herodotus wrote about the Scythian people, "Not a single enemy attacked their country, they do not give to escape, and nothing can catch up with them, if only they will not allow this."

After the Scythians in these lands came the Sarmatians, who were able to pick up on the high level of their martial art. In the first century AD in the lands of Ishmael were bloody battles Sarmatia’s warriors and Roman legions. Historians say that during this period the Romans had built the first building Smornis. Gradually Sarmatia influence in the area began to wane, and in their place came the Slavic colonization.

The formation of the Slavic states was peaceful period in the history of Ishmael. In the XII century, Ishmael became a member of the Galicia-Volyn principality, which marked the heyday of the city in all spheres - economic, craft, and culture. Next page of stories describe tough times for Ishmael - the invasion of the Mongol-Tatar yoke, osmans conquesting the territory of the Danube, permanent Russo-Turkish War, the Second World War. Despite all these tragic events, Ishmael continued to live its life, to revive, to build up and to develop.

The origin of the city name

There are several versions of the city name "Ishmael."According to the first version, a Slavic settlement, that was on the site of the present city many centuries ago, called «Smil». Turks, which conquered the area, the name "Smil" changed under their tongue. While it sounded like "Ishmasl". This title captured the Turkish word "hear God" clearly.

According to the second version, the name of the city was awarded the honor of Ishmael Khan, who in 1484 won it.

Ishmael fortress

The most famous episode in the history of the city of Ishmael is considered to be an assault by Russian forces Ishmael fortress, which took place in 1790 and was crowned with victory. On the left bank of the Danube under the guidance of talented engineers Lafite-Clov from France and Richter from Germany, Turks built impregnable and invincible fortress. At that time, it covered the area of 170 hectares, the length of its ramparts was 12 km away. Words of Mehmed Pasha in response to the forces of the Russian Empire to surrender went down in history forever: "Most sun falls into the Danube than fall Ishmael!". In 1791 he was signed by Jassy Treaty, according to which the entire Bessarabia, together with Ishmael, unfortunately for Russian, had to return to the Turks. And that is such a powerful fortress did not get to the enemy, it decided to blow up.Ishmael

"Ismail massacre" and the storming of Ishmael.By the Field Marshal Alexander Suvorov were uttered the following words: "In such an assault can venture only once in a lifetime!". In opposition participated 35000 Turkish soldiers, 31000 Russian soldiers and 35000 Turkish soldiers, who were hiding behind the walls of the fortress. The offensive began on the morning of the 22nd of December .The Danube side was home to one of the decisive sections of the battle here in the attack were Ukrainian Cossacks, the percentage of dead among the awarded them greatly exceeds the average of the entire Russian army. After the fortress was taken, the winners, who during a battle lost every second soldier wounded or killed, arranged in Ishmael real massacre. It had managed to save only one Turkish soldier, who crossed the river on the beam.

Spiritual shrines of Ishmael

The fact that Ishmael has many temples and monasteries already mentioned above. But I want to say a few words about some previously unmentioned spiritual shrines of the city.

Mosque - Church - Diorama.You have heard about the assault diorama Ishmael fortress. You can see it in the oldest, surviving to the present day building Ishmael, in the mosque, which has more than 500 years. Since 1973 this building has been installed this diorama. The mosque was built during the reign of the Ottoman Empire Suleiman the Magnificent, the husband of Ukrainian beauty Roksolana. In the XIX century Turkish mosque was converted to the Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross.Ishmael

The second equally important temple of Ishmael is the Saint Mykola’s Monastery (built in 1852), together with the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (built in 1841) is located in the center of the fortress.These two churches built on the site of the ancient Christian churches, which had a similar name. Of these ancient temples are the first mention dating XIV century. There is credible evidence that confirms what Saint Mykola’s monastery existed here as early as 1499, and it belonged to the Karalskyi monastery who treated Athos. Brailovskiy Metropolitan Daniel in 1761 decided to move to this temple department. Since then, the monastery became the center of Saint Mykola management of the entire Orthodox Church of the Lower Danube. XIX century for the monastery was marked by a special prosperity. At this time, the monks built a new temple here, spacious cells, began to cultivate the gardens and planted gardens.

But in 1940, after the arrival of the Soviet regime, the monastery was closed and all its premises began to be used as storage and utility rooms. Beautiful garden around the monastery was carved. It was only in 2002, began active revival Saint Mykola monastery, after it was transferred to the Office of the Odessa diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Ishmael today

To date, as previously mentioned, Ishmael is a major port city in Ukraine. It is also a highly developed industrial city, which is active and well developed urban development, there is an extensive network of educational institutions of different degree and academic institutions, as well as numerous cultural centers.Ishmael

The main specificity of large enterprises Ishmael is to process of agricultural raw materials (food factory, bakery, milk factory, meat canning factory). There are also active ports, shipyards, ship repair and mechanically plant, pulp and paperboard mill and others. In recent years, actively developing trade sector Ishmael in different directions.

Attractions Ishmael, who should definitely see:

  • Diorama "Storming the fortress of Ishmael Russian troops and Ukrainian Cossacks under the    command of AV Suvorov December 22, 1790 "- Address: Str. The fortress, 1-a;
  • Ismail Historical Museum. AV Suvorov - Address: Str. Pushkin, 37;
  • Ismail historical museum Danube - Address: Str. Kotovskogo, 51;
  • Ismail Art Gallery - Address: Ave. Suvorov, 19;
  • Museum of Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company - Address: Str. Krasnoflotskaya, 28;
  • rmored Danube Flotilla, who took part in the liberation of Ishmael in 1944 from the Nazis;
  • A touching memorial to residents of Ishmael, who died during the Afghan war years 1979-1989.

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