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Miskolc Miskolc is a wonderful north-eastern Hungarian city. Its population is 178 950 people. The city is proudly settled on the bank of the Sajo River, spreading at the bottom of mountains of the Bukk range. The city is widely famous as an industrial center. Miskolc is situated at the distance of 175km from Budapest (the capital of Hungary).

The first settlements on the territory of modern city were established in the times of the Paleolithic age. Due to archeological excavations, it was discovered that people had lived here as early as 70000 years ago. Celtic tribes lived here before Roman conquest. The status of a city Miskolc received in the year 1364 due to king Lajos the Great. During the reign of Lajos the Great Diesdier fortress was erected in the city neighborhood. As a result of considerable city growth, nowadays this fortress is within the limits of Miskolc. In 1544 the city was burnt by the Turkish. And only in the XVII century it was finally free. One of the main centers of anti-Habsburgs fighting headed by Ferenc Rakoczi in the XVIII century, was Miskolc.Miskolc

Miskolc suffered from the next fire in 1707. It was set by imperial forces that occupied the city and destroyed the fortress walls. During the XVIII –XIX centuries Miskolc was developing, restoring and industrializing. During this time furnaces for smelting cast iron were built and commissioned. Beginning of the XX century was reflected in the history of this city as one of main industrial centers of the country. Miskolc is the most developed center of engineering and metal industry in Hungary. A protracted crisis of socialism in the 90s of the XX century caused outflow of working class and decrease in the number from 211 to 178 thousand during the period of 1985-2004. At that time the city almost overcame the crises due to the rapid modernization of old soviet enterprises and development of small business.

Miskolctapolca Resort

Miskolctapolca resort is situated not far from the city of Miskolc (at the distance of 7km). It includes open-air bath whose surface area is 4500sq.m, reserved park, lake, cave bath. The cave bath was opened in the year 1959. Earlier it used to be Lake Cave that during millennia transformed (was washed in hard lime) and acquired an appearance of a bath. This unique natural pool in Europe is filled with water special in its content as well. The water density is very low comparing to other healing waters that’s why period of swimming in the lake is unlimited. The bath is adorned with pools-“galleries”; they please your eyes with their uncommon beauty. Temperature in the cave bath is stable all year round.

Miskolc Miskolc


  • arthrosis;
  • gastro-intestinal diseases;
  • diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of locomotor system;
  • diseases of respiratory system;
  • rheumatoid joint inflammation;
  • spondylitis;
  • chronic polyarthritis;
  • rehabilitation of posttraumatic operations;


  • chronic bronchitis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • claustrophobia.

Grots of the bath differ from each other by specific features and peculiarities – water streams (they pulse from the walls and bottom of the pool), Jacuzzi, underwater flow.

Ball hall is considered to be central premises of the bath. Next to the hall, there is a small swimming-pool with small waterfalls springing with various strengths and under various angles. These water streams are applied as masseurs. Here you have a chance to swim along tunnels and see the Starry cave. Temperature of water in the Starry cave is several degrees higher than in the other halls. The name of this cave is connected with the lamps installed on the ceiling.Miskolc

Water of this resort belongs to calciferous-carbon-hydrogen ones and it is saturated with iodine, bromine, calcium and acids – magnesium metaboric and metasilicic. Light radioactivity of this water is caused by radon solved in it.    

There is a path from the Cave bath leading to outdoor swimming-pools.  On the way there you will see a threshold, equipped with a roof and resembling a gigantic shell. Even when it is raining, you can proceed with your treatment procedures. The resort is equipped not only with baths, but with saunas and spas as well.

Health-improving effect of Miskolctapolca baths is insured not only by thermal waters but also with wonderful picturesque nature of a wild forest surrounding this resort. Here you will find healing of human body and nervous system.  

Tourists Attractions

Belvaros is the heart of Miskolc. It is densely built-up with old buildings constructed in the baroque style that reflect unique features of the city soul. Seeing its sights won’t take much time as main historical and architectural valuables are located very compact – in the street of Istvan Szechenyi.  Miskolc This street has a wonderful finishing in the form of the city railway station called “Tisa”. It was constructed at the beginning of the last century and it has an appearance in the style of eclecticism. The project of this building was prepared by a famous Hungarian architect Ferenc Pfaff whose popularity is connected with designing railway stations of unique beauty. Nowadays, building of Tisa railway station belongs to the most significant landmarks of Miskolc.

Bigger part of Istvan Szechenyi street is situated between the old City Hall square and “Szinvapark” shopping malls. Here you will find a big number of buildings constructed at the end of the XIX century and erected after the “Great Flood” (the flood of 1878). City Hall square is surrounded with wonderful buildings of old XVII-XIX centuries. The Rakoczi House belongs to their number and nowadays it hosts the Gallery of Art. While walking in the pedestrian zone, you should pay your attention to the Miskolc Theater (constructed in the year 1856). It is assigned the status of the National Theater of Hungary. It is the oldest theater in the country that is built from stone.Miskolc

Miskolc Orthodox Church will surely impress all its visitors. It will charm them with its unique 16-meter long carved iconostasis that has 88 icons representing images of the Savior’s life. There is the Hungarian Orthodox Church Museum located next to this church.      

No less interesting will be getting familiar with the Judaic synagogue, Holocaust Memorial Museum (situated in the same place) and old Calvinist Church where marvelous ringing of bells can be heard every 20 minutes.

The Castle of Diósgy?r is situated on the skirts of the city in its western part. Its history roots back to the far XIV century when it was glamorously adorned and equipped as it used to be a favorite place of king Lajos the Great. Nowadays, panopticon of the historical character operates here all year round. Each tower in the castle is assigned to the particular exhibition. From one year to the next, a huge number of festivals, historical theatrical performances are held here every summer.Miskolc

Apart from architectural landmarks, Miskolc has also a lot of museums that will be glad to share their historical knowledge with their visitors. This list is rather long and the Gallery of Art has a significant place in it. Its collection is systematically renovated by local art patrons.   

How to get

It will take you about two hours to get from Budapest to Miskolc. The city is connected with the capital by the railway. Auto-roads to Debrecen and Kosice pass through the city. There is an airport not far from Miskolc that is used for cargo operations.

The city traffic includes 2 tram and 45 bus routes. Both train routes pass through the railway station. 

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