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Within the walls of the International Museum of Ukrainian embroidery are huge collections not only classic but unusual things that have been created according to the best traditions of the Ukrainian people. Many embroidery done on homespun material, but it does not deny the fact that the creation of some specimens sometimes require the use of modern technology. Almost all of the decorated national patterns, ornaments of Volyn and Transcarpathian region. International Calling museum exhibition of embroidery is a report to other nations and wealth of Ukrainian culture and its ancient rituals and traditions. In the museum you have a great opportunity to try any shirt that clung to your taste and try embroidering on workshops that are held here regularly.

Date of establishment of the International Museum of Ukrainian embroidery - August 19, 2010. The museum's collection has created T.I. Protcheva, using as a basis for their own work. T.I. - a true master of her craft. It is famous for numerous unique works that are known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Embroideries by Tatiana Protcheva already visited the UK, Japan and even the United States. The master asserts that love to stitch her privilege mom. Tatiana began to embroider in high school years. It was there that her first job saw the world. Later, after she joined the Institute of wonderful hobby had long forgotten due to lack of time. But then again embroidery capture the soul masters, with such a force that led the Museum no less.

Map of Ukraine - one of the central museum exhibits. This iconic work of art, which agreed well with the Institute of Cartography. The map is not even the slightest inaccuracies and errors. This wonderful exhibit primarily supports Ukraine's image abroad, for all regions of our country are peculiar only to them ornaments.

To map masters had to use fabrics made in the Lutsk Silk Mill, which is one of the few that produces the fabric for embroidery. A woman can perfectly support and family traditions are confirmed by at least two exhibition activities in a genealogical family tree Tatiana Protcheva.

According to the master, it is a long cherished the idea to combine some Ukrainian joint project (card). Put it into practice was only in 2009.

by Ostap Ukrainetz