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Transcarpathian Lumshory and swimming in vats

Lumshory has the status of the mountain village, near which the tract is of the same name, which is noisy waterfall with the same title. The waterfall has its own water meadows Fleece, which is the highest meadows of the Ukrainian Carpathians, and is a complex of high alpine meadows, the height above sea level, which reaches 1479 meters and the area - 1100 hectares.

Lumshory was previously modest and quiet village of Transcarpathian. Now is the delight of tourists, who come here not only to enjoy the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, relax in nature, can also swim in the local sulfurous hot tubs.

The first mention of the Transcarpathian mineral waters for medical purposes belongs to the XVI-XVII century. In 1463 King Matthias of Hungary, ordered to burn mineral water Svaliava as items of income, as the mineral waters, which are used for drinking and bathing.

In 1755, the hot springs was owned by earl Schonborn.
The first medical facility in the village Lumshory was established in 1600.
Since 2003 there operated lift with a total length of 300 meters.

Now popular with tourists is swimming in a large metal vats, under which the fire burns. Capacity of tubs is 1000 liters, heated mineral water to +40 or +45 degrees Celsius. These baths improve the activity of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system.

Healing properties of water Lumshor’s locals noticed a long time. Because the old-timers can tell how hydrogen sulfide baths bathers returned a joy of movement and strengthen the nervous system. But the most unusual is the fact that traditionally they are swimming in the open, in spite of the season.

In the tub can accommodate about seven people, depending on the size. Became popular family VATS visit.

Tubs are located on the banks of the river Turichki. Because, quite comfortable after a hot mineral water plunge for contrast in river water. Every hour is useful to contrast the procedure 3-4 times. Is particularly beneficial in the winter when the temperature drops to -10 degrees Celsius. With this alternating temperatures go sciatica, rheumatism, low back pain.

Promoting health and immunity, the Carpathian Mountains and forests, fresh air, hospitable hosts, infrastructure of rural tourism offers all possibilities to relax body and soul.

As part of the tour weekend "Lumshory, castles and wine", we invite you to visit with us a fantastic world of the Carpathians, give yourself an unforgettable weekend, during which you will be in a very pleasant environment for relaxing and enjoyable new experience.


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