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Lychakiv NecropolisLychakiv cemetery… This place is included in almost all Lviv tourist routes. A number of tourists have such questions as “Is it worth visiting? Will it be proper, aesthetic?” Surely, it’s up to you.

However, let’s have a look at this majestic Lychakiv Necropolis from another side, as far as it’s an integral part of Lviv, and atmosphere here rather differs from other cemeteries.Lychakiv Necropolis

Lychakiv cemetery is one of the biggest, oldest and most majestic cemeteries in Europe. Established in 1786, nowadays it spreads on a territory of 42 hectares. From the first years of its creation, this place became the last resting place for many noble, rich, famous people, politicians, men of science, culture and arts. More than 400 thousand people have found peace on this cemetery, among them writers (H.Tyutyunnyk, I.Franko), composers, scientists, painters (L.Levytskiy, Y.Muzyka), actors (S.Krushelnitskaya) and many others.Lychakiv Necropolis

On the 25th of November, 1991 Lychakiv cemetery got the status of a historical and cultural reserve. There are 23 chapels and 500 sculptures located on its territory which are true artistic value of the museum. Wonderful monuments of grief on the territory of Lychakiv cemetery were created by such famous sculptors as Gartman Vitver, Paul Evtelye, Antoniy Shimzer, Monard Markoni, Paris Philippi and others.Lychakiv Necropolis

Each of 23 chapels has its unique architecture. One of the biggest in size and most unusual is the chapel of Armenian family Kshechunoviches. An unusual thing about it is that the chapel is located on the hill, so in order to come up to the entrance door, you need to climb 20 stairs.

History of Lychakiv Necropolis counts several centuries, that’s why a lot of graves, architectural monuments and sculptures were lost due to various reasons and in various times. After Lychakiv cemetery received the status of a museum, its Academic board started a new period in the history of Lychakiv Necropolis, aiming to save, restore and popularize historical heritage of Ukraine.Lychakiv Necropolis

Undergoing works on territory improvement and restoration of prominent persons’ graves are performed according to the European standards.

Lychakiv Necropolis is a park of eternal peace, where silence, sadness and chill are wrapped in its beauty and elegance.

Brick wall of the cemetery is decorated with words, undersigned by ex-presidents of Poland and Ukraine. They have become a precept and a message to present and future generations: “Remember the past, but think about the future”.          

Author Marina Melnichenko

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