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"A legend of one castle", Uzhgorod

Uzhgorod castle in Ukraine Uzhgorod castle in Ukraine Uzhgorod castle in Ukraine

        If you are tired of urban life and want to enjoy a majestic masterpiece of nature and ancient history, it’s obvious that you should visit the Uzhgorod castle - the most remarkable place and the main sightseeing in this region.

        It is also the oldest fortress of the Carpathian region.  Its name has been mentioned in many chronicles which testify to its historic value. Built in the Middle of Ages by the Drugets, an influential noble family and this monument decorates the landscape near Uzhgorod. In ancient times it was an important component of the regions defenses. Now it is one of the several outdoor museums. Under the Drugets the fortress received the commendation of being considered unapproachable and impenetrable. It has observed many historical events: the rise and fall of the grand Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires, glory and treachery. One legend says that a former lord of the fortress, an honorable knight named captain Druget, had a very beautiful daughter. That time, Polish troops were laying siege to the Ukrainian cities. A Polish general decided to visit the town of his enemies and when he came there the captain’s daughter fell in love with him. When her father heard about the romance he interred her in to the wall of the castle. Now when strong winds blow, people can hear the cry of the immured princess. But only through its legends and its mystery, this castle attracts you.

Hercules killing the Hydra

        The Uzhgorod Castle is not only a historical monument but also a museum. If you are interested in architecture you are sure to love this place. The castle is built in the style of the late renaissance and is looks like of some European fortresses. Your attention will be attracted by the three-floored building with its columns and defensive installations. In front of it you can see the iron statue of Hercules killing the Hydra. Being the oldest statue in Uzhgorod, it was made by Kinne, the local artist, whose fame transcended the boundaries of the Carpathian region. Not far from it you can see another example of fine metal work - the sculpture of the Resting Hermes. There are some ancient foundation survives, dating of the XIVth century in the eastern part of the yard of the castle.

        It is that place where the Greek - Catholic union was proclaimed in the XVIIth century and from which this new religion began to started.

        The main exposition of the museum (about 115 units) is arranged over 40 rooms of the main building, which in turn, is divided into different sections:Excursions in Ukraine Uzhgorod castle in Ukraine

  • The department of nature which contains information about the geography flora and fauna of the Carpathian region.
  • The archaeology section is on the second floor and is devoted to the biggest collection of bronze ware of the XIII-XII cc. BC, considered to be the biggest one in Ukraine.

Author  Daria Talan

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