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Poprad is one of the most famous resort cities in Slovakia. It is situated on the north of Slovakia in the valley between Low and High Tatras on the banks of the river having the same name. The city is also called the gates to the High Tatras. PopradIt was established in the XIII century and under control of Saxon community. Nowadays, it is a modern, well-developed industrial center with highly-developed infrastructure. “Poprad-Tatry” airport serves as an air gate to the region for planes from all the corners of the continent. This airport is situated at the height succeeding 700m above sea level, so it’s considered to be the highest airport in Europe. There are bus and train stations which ensure strong connections with all regions of Slovakia and neighboring countries.

First mentioning of Poprad in written records dates back to the year 1256. At that time most part of the population was German. As a part of debt return, at the beginning of the ղcentury a list of Spis cities and settlements, including Poprad, came to be in the possession of Poland. Under Polish protectionPopradexisted for more than four centuries. In the year 1871, a rail track was laid in the region, and after that the city started to transform and grow restlessly. Being a part of Slovakian region, the city reached its top prosperity and nowadays it’s considered to be one of the most successful and prosperous cities of Presovskykraj.

Population of Poprad is a bit more than 55 thousand people and the territory is only 63sq.km. Local time flies a little slower than in Kiev, in summer the difference is 1 hour, in winter – 2.

PopradTourists visit Poprad both in winter and in summer as far as the High Tatras are wonderful in any season. Climate here is moderate, with warm summer and mild snowy winter. Average temperature of air is about 0 degrees. Though, from time to time low temperatures also occur. In summer column of mercuryfluctuates in diapason + 18 - +24 °C. Main mass of atmospheric condensation falls in June-August.

Despite its eventful and rather old history, Poprad cannot boast with abundance of unusual cultural monuments or outstanding architectural constructions. Its high interest among tourists can be explained by the comfortable geographic location of this city. And it’s no surprise, as national parks High Tatras and Slovak Paradise are situated close to the city, whichare symbols of local nature and they are famous in Slovakia as ski resorts: Tatranska Lomnica, Strbske Pleso, Stary Smokovec, canyon of the Dunajec river (famous center of water tourism) and other tourist centers. Hotel industry is highly developed and meets any demands. Here you will find expensive hotels with all the amenities and whims as well as trite economy hostels. Population that has been formed for many centuries is represented by Europeans including not only Slovaks but immigrants from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Russia.Catholicism is main religion in this region. Slovak is considered to be public language, though Gipsy is widely spoken.

PopradDelightful Slovak city Poprad is ancient castles, towering on hills of the High Tatras, thermal springs, ice caves and delicious cuisine. A 600-kilometer-long, wonderfully marked chain of walk paths is laid here. They connect all alpine valleys and a number of peaks.

The High Tatras are believed to be the highest part of the Carpathian Mountain chain. This mountain range is located in the northern part of Slovakia on the border with Poland. This mountain range has its peculiar alpine character, though the length of main ridge is 26km. The High Tatras are also called the smallest mountains among the highest peaks of the world. The highest peak of the High Tatras is Gerlachovsky Stit, whose height is 2655m. As to the other peaks of this range, their height doesn’t exceed 2500m.

Distance from Poprad to ski resorts is 12km. Due to railway connection it will take you about 30 minutes to get to StarySmokovec, for instance. Poprad

 Poprad is the capital of the High Tatras, it is a perfect place for hosting tourists. Here you can walk along the central pedestrian street, pop round a local cafeteria for a cup of delicious coffee, visit a cozy bar where you will be treated with wonderful Slovak beer or Slovak Tokaj and delicious strudel. You will have a chance to buy presents and souvenirs in company stores and supermarkets. In case you still are full of energy in the evening, night clubs and disco are waiting for you. You can also have a good time in a skittle-ground, lay billiards and have a couple ofstrikes in bowling.

AQUACITY is the biggest aquapark in the High Tatras. It is a good place for fans of waterprocedures of all ages and is really popular with local people as well as with tourists. Wonderful 50-meter-long outdoor swimming pool, fitness hall, equipped according to latest technologies, a lot of attractions, kids’ playgrounds, all these will ensure your interesting active rest. For comfortable moving from one zone to another, all visitors of this aquapark have on their arms waterproof bracelets with a chip. You can pay for preferred services using this bracelet. Here, everything is thought over to the smallest details. If you are hungry, a number of restaurants, cafes, fast-foods, buffets are available. They will make your rest even more pleasant.Poprad

AQUACITY is a fantastic world, where outside weather has no influence and it is always light, fresh and cheerful.

 At the roots of the High Tatras, there located a water center where geothermal energy of Poprad well is applied. Due to external thermal springs, water temperature ranges from 36 to 38°. You can arrange rest here in any season. Fans of relaxation are offered a wonderful complex of saunas. Your choice is really wide: salty, Finnish, steam, bunch of flowers, menthol. There is also a wellness-center having inhalation rooms. 


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