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HevizHeviz is a wonderful resort town, situated on the bank of the lake having the same name. Despite the fact that its population is only 5 thousand people, they make rest and health improvement maximally pleasant and full-scale. There are rehabilitation and rheumatology hospital and fitness-clubs, spas and wellness complexes, and naturally, night clubs, bars, confectioner’s shops, and comfortable hotels.

The lake, on whose shores the resort is located, has unique healing capacities. Its surface is 47500sq.m, and its maximum depth is 36.5m. Water in this pond is thermal (warm), its temperature is 34-36 ? in summer period and 22-24 ? in winter. This water comes to the lake with underground springs that are located in a crater at a depth of more than 38 meters. Every day the spring supplies up to 86 million liters of thermal water. Due to intensive circulation, water in this spring is refreshed every 28 hours. Not only tourists from many countries took a fancy to this lake, but pink water-lilies as well. They were brought here from India and Egypt. The water-lilies have become the symbol of this town and even are pictured on the coat of arms of Heviz. Another advantage is that the lake is situated in the reserved forest having the area of 50ha where you can admire virgin nature of wonderful Hungary.Heviz

For the first time healing properties of water in Heviz lake were discovered by Romans. The fact is proved by ancient coins found at the lake bottom. However, Heviz has been known as a resort only since 1795. That was the time when Derd Festetich (count) who was the owner of the lands on which the lake is situated, built first baths. The resort was prosperous during the count’s life, but its popularity decreased after his death. Having come into power in 1868, Derd Festetich II revived the resort and started to build new baths. The resort was getting more and more popular among guests.

HevizThis healing resort got a new owner in 1905. It was Reichl Ventsel who has reigned this “kingdom of health-improvement and youth” for 35 years and due to him Heviz resort gained its peak of popularity among resorts in Hungary. Comfortable hotels, new buildings with treatment rooms and restaurants were built under his guidance.

Gymnastics was the first active treatment procedure here. It was applied by Doctor Vilmosh Shulchov who used X-rays to make a diagnosis. His assistant was Eden who was invited from Budapest. Brothers Shulchov accompanied by Doctor Karoy Mol established a unique therapeutic base that contributed in resort development.

During the Second World War, buildings of the resort were used as hospitals. In the year 1948 Hevis came into the state disposal. In 1970s Lake Bath was reconstructed. Main construction material was wood imported from Austria. Unfortunately, during the fire of 1986 basic buildings on Heviz lake burnt down, and only three years later, in 1989, reconstruction of baths were finished.


Heviz lake is considered to be the biggest healing lake is Europe that is filled with thermal water and whose bottom is made of turf. HevizMain treatment effect is based on the temperature of water, gas and muds that it includes. Their layer on 80% consists of various non-organic substances, namely sulphur, radon, kalium, magnium, magnesium, chloride, bromine, fluorine. Particles of therapeutic mud float in the water, so called “Heviz scruf”, they ensure massage of epidermis. Water in the lake is really unique. Healthy people can stay in the water no longer than 1.5 hours and ill ones – only for 30 minutes. It is recommended to save upright position in order to gain maximum effect, as gaseous substance in the form of bubbles settle on the skin and penetrate through pores into the body, and when you are moving bubbles roll down and can’t stay on the skin. Due to its unique properties, the water is used while treatment of various rheumatic diseases.


  • Post-traumatic period, fractures, some forms of scurfskin diseases;
  • Feminine hormonal malfunction, barrenness, fatty degeneration;
  • Post-operation inflammatory processes;
  • Effects of purulent appendicitis;
  • Some anatomical changes, adhesive processes.


  • stomach ulcers;
  • alcohol addiction;
  • kidney failure, kidney stones;
  • blood vessel diseases, heart diseases;
  • asthma;
  • chronic and emerging infection diseases;
  • Malignant tumors.

 Active Recreation

Main motto of Heviz resort is health improvement, so there are a lot of ways to care about your body. You can combine treatment with healing water and active recreation. HevizThe location provides conditions for walking, cycling, hiking and horse riding, and all these are available on the territory of the resort. You will have a great chance to gain maximum boost of energy and positive emotions. Balaton lake will be a perfect option for fans of water sports. This lake is situated at the distance of 5 km from Heviz resort. Devotees of sailing, water skiing and surfing will have happy hunting grounds for their hobbies.


While staying in Heviz resort you should visit the town of Keszthely which is called the capital of Balaton. The town will heartily open museums’ doors to its guests: Puppet museum, Museum-confectionery “Marchpane”, Farming museum Georgik, Museum of Balaton, museum of Africa. Moreover, you will be offered a unique chance to visit the most beautiful castle of Hungary – Festetich castle, as well as fortresses of Tatik and Rez, and churches in Kollodshe and Turye. Undoubtedly, it will be interesting for you to see the market of Parliament that is made of shells of ancient Pannon Sea – Chigaparliament. Not less interesting will be visiting winemaking region Badochon, National park of Northern Coast of Balaton Lake, buffalos’ reserve.

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