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Resourts and famous places of Australia


Australia, the smallest of the continents of the Earth, highlighted the originality of its exceptional nature. This is a relict of the mainland, the old areas, and unique wildlife. In the relief of the country remained a surface that has not changed since the Tertiary period, which is associated with characteristic features of the mainland only this form of relief.

 Sydney, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a cosmopolitan center, most cheerful and most beautiful cities. The unique contrast of skyscrapers and the City of Rocks area of old houses and King Cross, souvenir shops in the area of Yorks and Elizabeth and Asian neighborhoods Chaynatauna and Liverpool Street, vast green spaces of parks and boulevards and ultra-modern building Olympic facilities Kronos Hill and Sydney Olympic Syuperdom Stedium Houmbush in the area, the majestic (and one of the largest in the world) Bay Sydney Harbor and overturned through a unique odnoprohonovoho Bridge Harbor Bridge length of 503 meters. There many interesting cultural sites - the famous Sydney Museum of History and Anthropology, Australian Military Memorial Art Gallery, National Maritime Museum (really interesting place - here, gathered data about the sea and ships - from boats to battleships and Aboriginal boards for surfing ), Art Gallery of New South Wales, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, one of the "most courageous" the world’s museums - the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Ancient Nicholson, park wildlife of Australia and Hyde Park.

Gold Coast (Gold Coast) - the main resort in Australia, one of the best and most popular resorts in the world, located between Sydney and Brisbane. Mild tropical climate, beautiful 42-hkilometrovyy beach with golden sand and endless amount of entertainment make the Gold Coast an ideal place for recreation, as well as one of the best in the region a place to surf. Here you can enjoy the sun and the warm caressing ocean, to visit national parks and zoos with exotic flora and fauna, known to the world of entertainment - B-World (Sea World) - a huge water park rides and shows with marine animals, Cinema - World (World Cinema) - Australian Hollywood "with all the accompanying attributes of this, including show stunt, and entertainment centers Serferz-Paradise and Dream-World (World of Dreams - Disneyland with many local attractions and theme shows).

The modern spa town Brisbane is the capital of one of the most prosperous states of Australia - Queensland, as well as one of the major cities of Australia and the gates of the Gold Coast. Built an ultra-modern skyscrapers downtown business districts surrounded by Colonial mansions on the banks of the Brisbane River. North of Brisbane start-known resort Sunny Beach (or "Sunshine Coast") and to the south - not less attractive region Gold Coast. You can not only swim at beaches, but also to visit the country’s most famous park, plantation of tropical fruits - Big Pinepl.

 Melbourne was founded in 1835 and has 30 years became the largest city in Australia. It is often called the "cultural capital of the southern hemisphere. These days, compact center of Melbourne is filled museums, galleries and fine shops, but most of the city are parks, gardens and the Royal Botanic Garden. Interesting is also the National Gallery and the Museum of Victoria, Museum of Contemporary Australian Art, the Cathedral of St. Patrick, James Cook Memorial and the old mint of the city. Melbourne’s government makes a lot of effort to preserve the "European image" of the city - old buildings are carefully protected, walk the streets of the little tram, and the first floors of buildings are quiet picturesque boutiques and hundreds of restaurants. This city is the honorary title of one of the least polluted cities in the world. Melbourne and now plays a leading role in cultural and sports life of the country - the majority of Australian exhibitions, events and conferences worldwide are here.

Perth - a young and modern city that lies along the broad river Svon. Perth and its satellite town Fremantle occupy large areas, but all life is concentrated in two places: in the City "- the heart of Perth and Fremantle in downtown. Perth - large and developed city, there is a busy day and night. You can visit the Gallery of Fine Arts of Western Australia, where foreign and exhibited the work of Australian artists, including masterpieces of traditional Aboriginal art, which affect their performance technique. Another interesting museum of Western Australia, which tells about the nature of the state, its history, the world’s largest meteoric crater in Wolf Creek.

Fremantle port city situated at the mouth of the river Svon at a distance of 19 km southwest of Perth, and is closely associated with regular public transport - buses, commuter trains, ferries and taxis. Therefore, even while living in Fremantle, you can always quickly and easily find itself in the heart of Perth. In Fremantle are some famous attractions surrounding Perth - Maritime Museum, Frimantlska prison Frimantlskyy center for the arts and the oldest building in Western Australia - The Round House. And on the outskirts of the town stretches a series of excellent beaches and diving centers.

Darwin - a small but modern city, the center of the northern provinces and the main "gate" of the country in Southeast Asia, is located closer to Jakarta than Sydney. In this city a short time you can get as much experience and find such beauty of wild nature that is unlikely to find elsewhere. In Kakadu Park (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List) in the unique natural landscapes assembled a wonderful collection of wildlife, flora and representatives of the bird world the mainland, in the park wildlife northern territories ( "Territory Wildlife Park"), along with other representatives of the Australian fauna You can see the legendary Australian fish-giant barramandi. In the outskirts of Darwin are great parks and Lichfield valley Catherine.

Alice Springs - Central Australia, the main city and capital of the northern territories. This small town surrounded by deserts of low buildings and several major streets, which, however, is everything you need to rest - many casinos, restaurants and shops. It is interesting to visit a unique channel, "Aero-cheekbones or medical airbase famous Royal Flying Doctor Service" ( "Royal Flying Doctor Service"), a farm museum camels or "Old telegraph station - live evidence of the age development of Australian deserts.

 But the main attraction of Australia - Great Barrier Reef, a part of the UN World Heritage List, with its well-known to the world coral reefs and islands, resorts Layzard, Bedarra, Hayman, Hamilton and others. This is the largest reef system in the world and the largest structure, "created" by living organisms of the planet. In the north reef is virtually continuous and all at a distance of 50 km from the coast to the south, he falls into a group of individual reefs in some places, receding from the coast to 300 km. Hundreds and hundreds of islands protruding from the sea depths to the surface, and only two dozen of them inhabited. Great Barrier Reef - Underwater Mecca "of all the dive world.

Magnetic island Island is probably the best place on earth for diving lessons and yachting. This wonderful beach of coral sand, fine hotels and almost pristine wildlife - even their own koala colony.

Island Layzard Island (lizard) - one of the exclusive resorts in the world. It’s north, the most famous, but also very expensive resort barrier reef. But guaranteed exceptional comfort and exquisite cuisine, beautiful beaches, fishing, great tennis, cruises, trips to the reefs, water skiing, swimming pool, restaurants and bars.

Hayman Island - private island, one of the most prestigious resorts in Australia. Here, all conditions for recreation, fine cuisine (up 10 restaurants!), Deserted beaches, excellent diving, ocean cruises, flights on everything that flies, runs along the shore, even a real submarine! A water-skiing, windsurfing, catamarans, parasailing, tennis (6 covered courts), squash, badminton, golf, fitness center, yacht, fishing, gallery of shops, bars - all the usual thing.

Fraser Island, which lies almost in the middle east coast of the mainland - the largest sand island on Earth, also included in the list of World Heritage Council. Island famous for its sand dunes, freshwater lakes (in itself an unusual phenomenon for the sandy island, surrounded on all sides of the ocean), and frequent meetings with whales and dolphins in coastal waters.

More democratic, but no less interesting, Brampton Island, Hamilton, Deydrim, Orfeus, Fitsroy and Green Island, as well as many small, often nameless islands and reefs, crowning underwater arrays Great Barrier Reef.