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Complex Spa Treatment of  Saint Lukacs Complex Spa Treatment of  Saint Lukacs  is located on the Buda side of Budapest, between the coast of the Danube and mount Joseph East of the Margaret bridge. The complex is covered therapeutic baths. Its name received the honor of the Evangelist of the Holy Apostle Luke, who was also a healer.


In the XII century in the area of the current pool of Holy Lukacs settled, the monks and the knights hospitallers order of St. John of Jerusalem. They were engaged in treatment and care. After some time settled here also the knights of Malta and Rhodes orders, which were built baths directly near his monastery. In those days, when Hungary was conquered by the Turks, with the help of sources baths spun powder mill. After Buda was liberated, the pool of Holy Lukacs came into the possession of the Treasury.

During the whole long period of its existence, the pool of Holy Lukacs was replaced by a huge number of tenants. In the history of the baths, a new period began after her next owner was Palotai Fulop, who began the construction of new buildings. Opened the pool, which along with thermal offices baths Holy Lukacs served as the meeting place of the Budapest Bohemia of that period. In the pool of Holy Lukacs began to come people from all over the world who wanted to improve their body. Many of them after successful completion of complex procedures, on the walls of the courtyard of the bath was set marble plates, as a token of gratitude to the healing properties of water. These tablets have survived to our days.Complex Spa Treatment of  Saint Lukacs In 1937, the pavilion was built mineral water. After 42 years, in 1979, there was a branch of medical care bathing, which was the first day, the clinic (comprehensive outpatient health Department) of Budapest.

The healing properties of water in the pool of Holy Lukacs

The water in the spas of St. Lukacs provide artificial and natural sources. The water in these sources has a unique structure: it contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfate flora, hydrogen, and a significant amount of fluoride. First of all, the composition of nutrients in the water is favorable for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Indications for bathing in therapeutic balneal complex Saint Lukacs:

  • Chronic diseases of the joints,
  • Degenerative joint diseases,
  • Damage to the cartilage matrix,
  • Spinal deformity,
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis,
  • Lack of calcium in the bone system,
  • Neuralgia,
  • Post-traumatic rehabilitation.

Complex Spa Treatment of  Saint Lukacs Healing water sources baths of Holy Lukacs refers to mineral waters, and it is recommended for treatment and drinking.Healing water is recommended to drink in the morning, hot, before a meal, small and slow tastes. In drinking the form of this water is intended to ensure the following list of diseases:

  • Catarrh of the intestines, stomach ulcers, chronic gastritis,
  • Increased the acidity of the stomach,
  • Diseases of the respiratory catarrhal nature,
  • Chronic inflammation of the urinary tract and renal pelvis,
  • Some forms of kidney stones,
  • Some diseases of the gallbladder.

Required for bathing water in the balneological complex  Saint Lukacs comes from three sources:

  1. Roman source- from which the water comes in women's swimming pool. The temperature of the water in this spring is 21-22 °C. the Amount of water that flows into the pool from a Roman source, depends on the water level in the Danube.
  2. The source of the Small lake, which is located near the baths complex, hence water with a temperature of 21-22 °C enters the men's swimming pool.
  3. Turkish source.Is this source under the main building of the baths of St. Lukacs. The water temperature in this source just above the two previous sources and is 22-25 °C. Turkish source provides water Sports pool "Komagi".

The area of the bath of St. Lukacs bath is water with different temperatures: in some places it varies between 22-27 °C, while others 41-54 °C.

Therapeutic services in the pool of Holy Lukacs

Complex Spa Treatment  of Saint Lukacs offers its visitors a wide range of therapeutic services including: physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, electrotherapy, mechanotherapy, carbon dioxide baths, underwater radiation massage, massages, mud compresses, wet and hot steam room, Finnish sauna, etc.Complex Spa Treatment of  Saint Lukacs

On the territory of the balneological complex of the baths of St. Lukacs there are 8 swimming pools, including 4 swimming pools - treatment with water temperature 24-40°C, one pool - weight. Relaxation pool, which is right under the open sky, has a stream with strong current, neck showers, underwater Jacuzzi, artificial geysers, whirlpools, whirlpool baths, water jets, which are equipped in the seat and are designed to massage the back, as well as many other water attractions. Department of complex physiotherapy divided into male and female. Near the pool is a beach terrace. In 1999 in the pool of Holy Lukacs was upgraded, particularly swimming pools: two swimming pools with different temperatures were fitted with special powerful filtered installation were completed the so-called "pools" (swirling flows, geysers, jet massages, hot waterfalls, underwater benches, and so on).

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